Friday, May 14, 2010

The LeBron Derby...A One Team Race?

This morning I awoke to the following text from ESPN Alerts (which, btw, is the greatest service ever):

"ESPN CHI CLE - Chad Ford: Three NBA GMs think Bulls will land Lebron James; more at"

So is LeBron on the verge of becoming a Bull? Assuming those three GMs aren’t complete idiots (which is entirely possible with the state of some NBA teams)…then I say YES, yes he is.

According to Chad Ford’s story, one of the GMs offered up a scenario that would send Luol Deng to the Cavs in a sign and trade in order to land Wade or Bosh as LeBron’s running mate. I don’t know if the Cavs go for that – but assuming it’s a sign and trade than, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe the Bulls would be able to add on that extra $3oM and 1 year that only the Cavs currently can.

Chad also mentioned that two of the GMs believe that Calipari will be the Bulls next head coach. Cal mentioned last week he had no interest in the Bulls coaching vacancy, however, I don’t think you can turn down an opportunity to coach this line-up:

PG: Derrick Rose

SG: LeBron James

SF: James Johnson? (With no Deng this will be an interesting position…the Bulls could try and draft somebody like Gordon Heyward or Damion Jones to develop and then use the mid-level exception to sign a veteran SF)

PF: Chris Bosh

C: Joakim Noah

All the points above are moot if LeBron chooses to stay in Cleveland…but we ARE talking about Cleveland –

Do you think LeBron would rather be a part of this:

Or this…:

My early prediction? LeBron to the Bulls. The Knicks will sign Joe Johnson to a max deal and regret it for the next decade.


  1. "Come on down to West Sixth Street, it's the perfect place if you're a douche bag!" <- win.

    Seriously though. I was just talking about this at Yogi's last night, both in regards to getting rid of Luol in exchange for LeBron and also the draft position of Gordon Heyward.

    If Calipari leaves Kentucky, where does that rank him in terms of all time Asshole Coaching Mercenaries?

  2. Even though the suns are making a deep run I still really want Amare even more then bosh. If nothing else to remind me of the Horace Grant days.

  3. I actually tend to agree on Amar'e...He seems like a good fit for the Bulls in the rebounding/dunking department. Bosh is more of a face up player.

    As for Gordon Heyward - I think there is shot he is around when the Bulls pick. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

    In terms of Asshole Coaching Mercenaries Calipari is def #1..followed closely by Lane Kiffen.

  4. See, I find Kiffin less likeable than Calipari. I'm also not a big Bobby Petrino / Nick Saban fan.