Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bawa's A Goner: *tear*

Sad, sad news for the Indiana Hoosiers basketball program today, as sophomore Bawa Muniru has decided to leave the program for greener pastures elsewhere.

Bawa is one of those guys who has some of the things you need to have if you wanna ball. He can jump. He is almost seven feet tall.

Unfortunately, he is also missing basic things like, um, the ability for your brain to tell your hands to get to a ball within two seconds, or a shooting eye, or anything resembling rebounding instincts.

We were looking at a kid whose ceiling was best described as "a poor man's Tijan Jobe." At least Tijan was entertaining. At least Tijan looked good playing defense. Muniru never played more than eight minutes in a game (the infamous Bryant game, where we lost Creek) when he managed two rebounds and two blocks to go with an 0-for-1 shooting performance.

With Guy-Marc Michel coming in, our spot for 'token 7-footer with limited offensive skills' was already filled anyway.

Anyway, I wish Bawa the best at St. Cloud State or Mideastern Tennessee State or wherever he ends up. Also, this opens up a scholarship for 2011, which maybe we can fill with somebody who can actually play basketball. How 'bout it, Crean?


  1. South Central Louisiana St. University Muddogs?

    -Dan Karell

  2. hey dan! I think they might need a waterboy.