Saturday, June 19, 2010

Digression: It's Top Chef Time, Guys!

Once again, it's the season for everybody's favorite non-sport sport here at the Superstar, as a new season of Top Chef has kicked off. I don't get why they hired Eric Ripert instead of the vastly more entertaining Anthony Bourdain, but I'm guessing it's because him and Colicchio are buddies. Which means, once again, the chefs will decide who wins, rather than the ladies. Sorry, Padma. I don't care what you think about horseradish.

Anyway, good first episode (you can view it on Hulu until June 30). Again, the favorites are pretty clear. We'll get to the power rankings soon, but I just wanted to make a quick note on this.

This guy:

looks just like This Lady (Carla from two seasons ago):
Right? And they both give me the creeps.

Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled soccer. C'mon, Denmark. Daddy needs some POINTS!


  1. For those out there wondering, Yes i am doing Power Rankings, but I don't like doing them after just 1 show. I want to get a little more information on them. The Power Rankings will start this week.

  2. I think it was pretty clear after one episode who the top two are, no? The black guy from Colorado is like Trey Redux, and the cocky annoying guy is probably the top gun at the moment. I'm curious to see if the CIA instructor can get her s*** together.