Monday, June 28, 2010

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. July 4th!

Is everyone excited? I know I am, I will be watching again this year. Will Joey "Jaw" Chestnut win his third straight title and retain the mustard yellow belt? Or will 6-time champion Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi be able to reclaim his title?

To get everyone pumped up watch this clip of the exciting 2007 contest and catch some of the classic lines read below.

I dont know if you have ever had your wisdom teeth removed, but it's a pain like a Peyton Manning cell phone commercial."

"You google hero tomorrow . . . American hero, you're gonna get Abe Lincoln, possibly Neil Armstrong, Taylor Hicks, and then this man, of course, Joey Chestnut."

"Well Curt Schilling be damned. Kobayashi is bringing it, he's just two hot dogs behind Chestnut right now. We have nearly four minutes remaining in this competition. The table enders now not even in focus because the entire world . . . the entire free world is focused on these two men."

"This would be the greatest moment in the history of American sports if Chestnut can bring the belt home to Coney Island."

"He [Chestnut] may have indeed changed the course of this nation . . . Chestnut is a true American hero."


ESPN is reporting that due to contract negotiations with MLE (Major League Eating) Kobayashi may not be competing in the July 4th contest.


  1. I wish they would let a bear compete, too... or maybe just a wolf. The bear might be too dominant.

  2. holy crap i'm watching the Nathan's video now and that is just unbelievable.

    "Look at that jowl movement on Chestnut"

    Also, disgusting, but... i'm sold. Dry heaves watching Kobiyashi puke (the "reversal") at the end of the contest.

  3. I love that Bear vs Kobyashi. Hysterical, who thinks they can out eat a Bear?

    The best part of the video is the annoucer, he is so over the top serious, that you can't take him seriouse.

    Lastly, i should put a warning up for the reversal