Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wait... I have the Internet?

Hello everyone. I finally got internet today, as I've been without it since May 29th. So, now I can post again. I'd like to address today's big news: Lebron, Wade, and Bosh meeting in Miami.

The good news is Lebron has been very non-committal. In fact, Chad Ford puts the Bulls chance of landing him at 40%. Which is by far the highest. If he comes here, I think it's a done deal with Bosh. I figure a huge selling point should be the fact that while Wade is very good he will be 29 this next season. While LeBron and Bosh are 26. The Bulls should emphasize that in a few years Wade's abilities will taper off. So, once Bosh and LeBron's career reaches its twilight there will be no one to pick up the slack. However, the Bulls have D-Rose who will be in his prime at the time Bosh and LeBron's ability tapers off, and thus he could lead them to extra titles.

The Bulls roster would be incredible next year with both of them, as we know. Can you say dynasty?

Rose - PG
Deng - SG
James - SF
Bosh - PF
Noah - C

Let's get this done Bulls!


  1. What's this newfanlged thing called th internet?

    Glad your back, and yes Bulls = Champs

  2. Yeah Ryan, welcome back! Did you see our 19-post week last week? Next up: a 20-poster.

  3. Yup, 7 post through Wed Night


    Steve 6
    Ryan 1
    Fodor 0

    well on our way, thanks Fodor

  4. hahahaha... slow starter, hard finisher, wait for it.