Thursday, July 15, 2010

College Football is Coming!

Today we got a dispatch from Iraq (thanks, Alec) reminding us at the Superstar that while it may be 90 degrees outside right now (okay, maybe a bit hotter over there), we're not too far away from September in the grand scheme of things.

And you know what September means, boys and girls.
(that's right... three wins and high hopes for Indiana that will inevitably lead to heartbreak. The annual Bill Lynch tease.)

I digress. Here's a nice article from Hail to Purple regarding Northwestern's preseason rankings in the major magazines and online. Interesting tidbit: Because the big mags (like Athlon) tend to market to bigger audiences, NU almost always gets screwed over.

Also, more evidence that Mark Schlabach is an idiot; he "called NU one of the teams most likely to 'freefall' in 2009 vs. 2008 and predicted no bowl for the 'Cats."

I'm thinking we will have our own college football preview out soon, so let us know what you want to read about.


  1. I was actually thinking about writing my own top 25, or maybe go all the way to 120. Then I remebered, I hate preseason rankings and don't think teams should be ranked until 4 weeks in. So I changed my mind

  2. I'm probably going to do Power Rankings for the Big Ten and leave it at that. The question is, to include Nebraska or not? :)

    Right now the list would basically look like this, accompanied by my current Top Chef rankings:

    1. Ohio State (Kenny)
    2. Penn State (Angelo)
    3. Wisconsin (Kelly)
    4. Iowa (Ed)
    5. Northwestern (Tiffany)
    6. Michigan State (Andrea)
    7. Indiana (Tamesha)
    8. Michigan (Amanda)
    9. Purdue (Kevin)
    10. Minnesota (Alex)
    11. Illinois (Stephen)