Thursday, July 15, 2010

LeBron James: The Moron

A bit late but better than never. This is my article on why LeBron James is a total moron. LeBron James just left a team that in two consecutive years had the best record in the NBA. They were eliminated last year possibly because of his injuries in the playoffs. Oh, and the fact that he quit.

Now, LeBron James has taken his talents to South Beach. He has abandoned a team that he essentially built up. He has taken his "brand" and thrown it down the toilet. He is playing on Dwyane Wade's team with the uber-overrated Chris Bosh. He seems to think he has given the Cavs fans a lot. Well, he gave them nothing but playoff losses and heartache.

Would I have loved him in Chicago? Of course. However, since he is not in Chicago I can look at this objectively.

He is number two in Miami. He joins a team with 3 of the top 15 players in ESPN's Jon Hollinger Ball Efficiency Rating (or something like that). Basically, they are 3 of the top 15 players when it comes to having the ball in their hands during a game. Wade and James being number one and two in the NBA, respectively.

How is that going to work?

Beyond how it is going to work, LeBron has taken his status as a hero and turned himself into a villain. He said, I'm not good enough to beat other teams, so I am going to join Wade on his team.

He publicly ripped out the hearts of every single fan that has loved him for the last 6 years. He has made himself out to be perhaps the biggest villain in NBA history. Take that Pistons.

On top of all of this, he has irreparably damaged his legacy. Even if he wins 6 championships over the next 6 years, he will never be able to fix it. Sure, Dwyane Wade will look great, and be immortalized, because it is his team after all, but LeBron will never look good. He is the ultimate villain in NBA history, and will remain that way.

What does this mean? He has absolutely no chance of ever being the greatest player ever. Not that he was ever going to be, but he had a chance before. Now not so much.

Michael Jordan took Chicago, a team that had been wading through futility, and lifted up that franchise as he won 6 NBA championships, without ever losing a single one. LeBron turned his back on a city in futility to go play for someone else's team. That is why he will never get the treatment in this video.


  1. So now all we have to hear about is how Kobe can challenge Mike for greatest ever, what a relief.

    I think the smartest thing I've heard all week are the A-Ron = LeBron comparisons. Both of them basically did the exact same thing, difference being everybody KNEW A-Rod was a mercenary even before he joined the Yanks.

    (and i think it's Hollinger's PER (player efficiency rankings)... )

  2. Yeah, and Lebron, this isn't the greatest three-some ever assembled. I'll take Baylor, West and Wilt, or Magic Worthy and Kareem or Micheal, Scottie and Rodman, or...

    BTW, that clip is amazing, a 5 minute standing ovation. I think that's the only time MJ felt awkward about anything.