Saturday, August 28, 2010

FIBA World Championships, Hell Yeah

It's like the World Cup, only basketball! The United States' "B-Deem Team" is starting out with Croatia today as they kick off the world championships in Turkey.

One awesome thing about this tournament is that you can watch every game on ESPN3, The Ocho. Another awesome thing is that Derrick Rose has worked his way into the USA starting lineup, which makes me really want a D-Rose #6 USA jersey. Isn't that LeBron's jersey number?

Also, we get to see Rose vs. Rubio in a preview of what will be a great point guard matchup in the NBA in coming years.

Anyway, there are a ton of games on every day, and this seems like just the thing to keep us occupied for the few days 'til college football starts.

Coming soon from me: Previewing the Big Ten's Week 1 matchups, and who the heck is Towson, anyway?

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