Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trvia: SI's Best Players by Number

SI put out a fun article today. It listed off the best player who wore each number. Some had a lot of great options(12, 32) others (97, 98) not so much.

Going into this, I guessed there would be 5 Bears players who would make the cut. I was wrong, there were 8, and I only correctly guess 4 (the 5th was a runner-up). Can you name the 8 Bears players and thier Jersey number who made SI's list?

Also, Bears had three runners up by my count and multiple worthy of consideration. I'll give partial credit if you guess a runner up, but no credit for worthy of consideration.

One other fun fact, 1 player is listed twice. Any Guesses Who?

As always, answers will be in comments later in the week.


  1. Dick Butkus
    Mike Singletary
    Richard Dent
    Walter Payton
    Gale Sayers
    Red Grange
    Dan Hampton
    Mike Ditka

  2. Answers

    8 Bears

    6 – Kevin Butler
    34 – Walter Payton
    40 – Gayle Sayers
    50 – Mike Singletary
    51 – Dick Butkus
    77 – Red Grange
    89 – Mike Ditka
    95 – Richard Dent

    3 Runner Ups

    42 – Sid Luckman
    54 – Brian Urlacher
    61 – Bill Geroge

    Otto Graham, 14 & 60