Monday, September 13, 2010

Fodor's NFL Dark Horse

First off, I want to apologize to my mom and the Noffke family and Ryan (and anyone else reading this post. Aw hell, who am I kidding?) for my lack of productivity lately.

I'm sorry.

Secondly, I wanted to get this out there TODAY so that nobody can accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper once their season starts, because what I'm about to say is something I've been thinking about for at least a week.

My sleeper pick to improve hugely this year and go to the playoffs is the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm going to put them at 10-6.

I think they beat San Diego tomorrow at home and win the AFC West outright. Bear in mind, Denver and Oakland are already 0-1, so the winner of tomorrow's Monday Night late game will be all alone atop the division to start the year.

Why pick this team to succeed? Partially, I just love their running backs setup. Jamaal Charles is an incredible talent with fresh legs and speed to burn. He was Top 3 overall in the second half of last season as a fantasy running back.

You all know how I feel about Thomas Jones, AKA the NFL's second best running back over the last four years. Nobody has more yards over that time than TJ, at least nobody not named LaDanian.

But additionally, I think the KC defense could be good, with the number of high draft picks they've invested over the last three years.

I think Dexter McCluster from (from? Hint: SEC)... well, I think he could have a Devin Hester-esque impact on the return game.

Matt Cassel and Charlie Weis are back together. Weis and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennell can destroy an Old Country Buffet like no tandem since the days of Traylor and Washington in Chicago, so you know the two former Belichek assistants are happy to see each other.

Oh, and clubhouse cancer Larry Johnson is gone.

Anyway, call me crazy, but there it is. Kansas City Chiefs to the playoffs. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Want some numerical projections?

Jamaal Charles 1,800 total yards
Thomas Jones 1,100 rush yards
Dexter McCluster 3 or more return TDs.
No other team in the AFC West better than 8-8.


  1. I was actually thinking the same thing today. I was kind of kicking myself for picking the Raiders as opposed to the Chiefs. But I have to stand by my original prediction, although I think yours is right. I think the Chiefs may win tonight.

  2. I hope so. Really, the fact is, the AFC West is always an easy division to win, unless you're terrible, which usually at least half of the teams are.

    Anyway I'll be happy for Thomas Jones if he gets another good season in.

  3. Also watch out for dwane bowe because cassel really doesn't have anybody else to throw to.

  4. Good call Fodor. Kansas City 1-0 and knocked 11 people out of my 65 person survior league.

  5. Just to point out - this week both Yahoo!Sports and Peter King have jumped aboard the KC bandwagon. This makes me very nervous.

  6. Yeah, I'm beginning to think that the win in KC against SD was a fluke. They nearly lost to the Browns and SD just demolished the Jags. In the end I bet SD wins that division at something like 11-5.