Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NCAA Football Preview: Coaches Poll 1-9

So I debated about commenting on the pre-season coaches poll. As most of you know, I think pre-season polls are dumb, especially since they are used as a starting point to determine the national champion. However, I decided these 25 teams are the teams with the most storylines this year, so commenting on each team and not their rankings is acceptable

The third of three parts

Part 1: 15-25

Part 2: 14-10

Part 3: 9-1

9 Nebraska

Nebraska’s defense was one of the top units last year and was the main reason Nebraska played so well. They lost star D-Lineman Suh, but still return a very talented defense. The offense should be better this season, because it really can’t get any worse. Nebraska is looking to win the Big XII North and the Big XII in their last year in the league. The Texas game is the game circled on their schedule as they look to avenge the 1 second loss in the Big XII title game last year. I think Nebraska will lose 1 or 2 games this year, win the Big XII north, but ultimately lose in the Big XII Title Game.

8. Oklahoma

As I have mentioned before, Oklahoma is Phil Steele’s pick to win the National Championship. Their biggest weakness last year was O-Line is now a year older with more expierence. DemarcoMurray looks to have a break out year while
Landry Jones looks to build on his performance last year. Oklahoma needs to win the Red River Rivalry to advance to the Big XII title game. They have a big nonconference game in week 2 against the high powered offense of Florida State. I think Oklahoma will lose 1 game this year, but when the Texas game so it will advance to the Big XII Title Game where they will beat Nebraska

7. TCU

Gary Patterson should have another good team this year. In the past two years TCU has finished #6 (2009) and #7 (2008) in both AP and Coach’s pole. TCU’s defense should be just as good as last year which will lead them to a lot of victories. They have two tough non conference opponents in Oregon State week 1 (Cowboys Stadium) (which was a win) and Baylor week 3. They do get BYU at home this year, but have go to Utah in a game that could decide Mountain West Championship which I think they will win.

6. Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is one of the many teams I could see winning the ACC. They have an awesome running game and a very experienced Quarterback in Tyrod Taylor. The defense is a little young and inexperienced but still talented enough to win. Last night’s tough lost to Boise State could cost them a shot at the National Title, but I still think every game on their schedule is winnable for them and predict them to win most.

5. Boise State

Boise State was one of two teams to finish last year undefeated. Boise is returning more starters than any other D-1 school, 21 of 22 with the only non returner being Kyle Wilson who went #29 overall in this year’s draft. Kellen Morre will lead a powerful Broncos attack and is actually my choice to win the Heisman trophy. Just like last year, Boise’s biggest game of the year is early in the season where they beat Virginia Tech in FedEx Field. Boise State looks like it only has one more road block between itself and an undefeated season coming when Oregon State comes to the Smurf Turf. If they get past that, then the debate will rage on about should they become the first non AQ to go to the National Championship game.

4. Texas

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think Texas is too high at number 4. I think Garrett Gilbert will be a good, if not great quarterback, but just because he played in the national title game last year doesn’t mean he won’t be making 1st year mistakes. Colt McCoy is a heck of a person to replace. I think a top 10 ranking is worthy, but not top 5. I do like how the team is stacked with Texas talent (all but 3 of the top 2 lines on the depth chart are from Texas) but will have to win the Red River Rivalry game if they want to win the South which I do not see happening.

3. Florida

John Brantley has the toughest job in college football this year. Replace Tim Tebow. The Gators faithful loved Tebow and it’s no surprise why, 2 National Championships (even though he was more along for the ride for the first one) 1 Heisman, 3 Heisman Finalist, 1 undefeated season, 2 undefeated regular season and a Sugar Bowl win. Not only will Brantley have to follow that performance, he will have to do it with a team that has lost a ton of talent. The team is still full of 5 star recruits, but lost a majority of its dominant defense. I see this Florida team winning the SEC east, but finishing the year with 2 losses. Still a good season, but not as good as three of the past 4.

2. Ohio State

THE Ohio State University is ranked highly again, and I’m sure a lot of people in the south really don’t want to see them play for another National Title. This OSU team has no one left from their back to back title game losses and shouldn’t be faulted by those teams. Pryor showed off his skill set in the Rose Bowl last year and is expected to make a run for the Heisman if Senator Tressell allows him to use all his abilities. Ohio State has 1 big out of conference game against THE U at home, but their two toughest Big Ten games will be on the road. I picked Ohio State to win the National Championship and I am sticking with it. I could see this team losing a game along the way and still making it in.

1. Alabama

Alabama is replacing a lot of talent on their defense, but their offense should be clicking. All last year I heard about how the backup running back Trent Richardson is actually better then reigning Heisman trophy winner Ingram. The QB Mcelroy has never lost a game in college or varsity high school football. Saying all that, I see Alabama losing 1 or 2 games this year because of how much turnover is on their D. Saban is known for his defense, so the unit could surprise and play good right away. If that’s the case, lookout cause, they will be tough to beat.

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  1. Oh man, this begs the question, what if it ends up being Nebraska vs. Ohio State for the title? I think I'm rooting for the Huskers this year, 'cause that would be badass.