Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top Chef Power Rankings

Top Chef Power Rankings

We are down to the final 4 as the cheftestants move on to Singapore. I do have to say, this season of Top Chef has had the best prizes thanks to Hilton being the major sponsor. They are getting trips all over the place, and probably have the coolest final location to date. I think it will be a very interesting last two shows.

Last week Tiffany just missed the cut. I was personally surprised she was sent home as this was her first time with a bottom dish. The judges always claim the decisions are made on a round by round basis, but we know that is crap. The one question I have left is, will the other cheftestants be brought to Singapore to help. I say yes, but I won’t do a breakdown of who could help the most until next week. On to the power rankings

1. Angelo Sosa

How did he jump all the way back to 1st your asking. No, it isn’t because he won last week, even though that helps, it’s because I think he has the best chance to win. As the season went on, you could tell Angelo was starting to get tired and stressed and it showed. Taking the break from Washington DC to Singapore should give him the time off he needs to win this competition. The other reason I think he is going to win is because the location of the finals. All season long Angelo has used Asian influences on his food. Now they are in Asia where he will have all the ingredients he needs at his fingertips.

2. Ed Cotton

Ed was my sleeper pick in the beginning of the season, and remains so now. I think he might be the most well rounded chef this season, with the ability to go a bunch of different ways. His problem that could cost him the title is when he tries to do too much or doesn’t get focused. When he is running around the kitchen frantically trying to finish his dish is when he makes mistakes. If he can avoid this situation, he has the ability to win it all.

3. Kelly Liken

Kelly could win this competition but I don’t have as much faith in her as the two above her. She has been a very consistent performer, but hasn’t been finishing on top as Ed or Angelo. I think she will make a good run for the title, but ultimately fall short.

4. Kevin Sbarga

I am glad to see Kevin has made the finals. He started off a little up and down, but has always stuck with what he likes for cooking. Kevin could win the competition, but I am worried that something he likes, the judges won’t and that they’ll send him packing back to the States.

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