Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Chef All-Stars Power Rankings

Welcome back to the Power Rankings. It looks like I have an excuse to write again, compared to doing nothing like I have for most of the fall. As you know, I normally wait a week or two to start the rankings and get a feeling of who is doing well. Since we already know everyone, I am going to start before the season and move onward. This first installment isn’t as much a power rankings as it is how I think the Chefs will finish. In case you were wondering, this season was taped in New York City.

Top Shelf

1. Richard Blais (Season 4 Chicago)

I actually didn’t like Blais for most of season 4 and found him annoying. As I look back on those shows though, it was clear he was one of the best chefs of all time. For any of his returns on the show, as a guest su-chef or a reunion special, he always talks about how excited he is to get back in the competition. We know he has the talent, and with that drive, I see him winning the Top-Chef All-Star title.

2. Marcel Vigneron (Season 2 Los Angeles)

Marcel, the man everyone loves to hate. I think he is one of the top talents the show has scene and has all the things needed to win this competition. I think, just like season 2, he will finish as runner-up.

3. Dale Levitski (Season 3 Miami)

Dale is my favorite Chef of all time. So I am openly rooting for him. I see him making a strong run in this competition, but ultimately will fall short of winning Top Chef again.

4. Tiffani Faison (Season 1 San Francisco)

Tiffani is the last chef in the finale. Tiffani had the misfortune of being in the same competition as Harold who was the clear front runner for day 1. I see her having another strong competition and finishing as the highest female chef.

Best of the Rest

5. Angelo Sosa (Season 7 Washington D.C.)

Angelo this high might seem crazy. I could see him getting flustered and having an early exit. Watching last season it was clear to see he was getting worn down by the end of the competition, but I think having competed so recently will actually be a benefit for him and help him make a deep run.

6. Dale Talde (Season 4 Chicago)

Let’s see how much swearing Dale will do this season! Dale has great technical skills and was able to make dishes quickly. I see him exiting about the same time as he did in Season 4

7. Tre Wilcox (Season 3 Miami)

Tre was an early favorite in season 3 but ran into problems and had an earlier than expected exit. Will he redeem himself this competition.

Could Go Either Way

8. Stephen Asprino (Season 1 San Francisco)

Honestly, I couldn’t decide if I thought he’d do well or flame out, so I put him in the middle. I know what great insight.

9. Elia Aboumrad (Season 2 Los Angeles)

Just like Stephen, she could go either way and it wouldn’t surprise me.

Middle of the Pack

10. Casey Thompson (Season 3 Miami)

Casey was quiet most of season 3 until the stretch run where she burst onto the scene. The finale wasn’t her best and I see her falling in the middle of the season.

11. Jamie Lauren (Season 5 New York)

Where’s Stefan to hit on her some more? Side not, Stefan would have been my #1 choice if he would have done the competition. If Jamie can avoid overusing scallobs again, she can do well.

12. Fabio Viviani (Season 5 New York)

I think Fabio has been one of the most memorable Chefs the show has ever seen. He could serve monkey ass and still win because he’s just that charismatic. I don’t think his skills are as high as most of the field, but his charisma will help get him through. I could see him make a deep run, but I think there is too much talent ahead of him.

13. Spike Mendelsohn (Season 4 Chicago)

Spike, a lot like Fabio was a very memorable Chef and it wasn’t always because of his cooking. He used a lot of gamesmanship in Season 4 to help advance as deep as he did. I don’t think anything he did was wrong, in fact I enjoyed it, it’s just who he is.

14. Jennifer Carroll (Season 6 Las Vegas)

Jen is a real talent, but her problem remains how much she runs around too much and seems rushed. That’s what ended up getting her in the finale of Season 6. It’s one of the easiest ways to get tripped up in Top Chef. If she has fixed it over the past few years, then she could be around for awhile. Until I see otherwise, I’ll leave her here.

15. Carla Hall (Season 5 New York)

I want to see Carla team up with Casey again. Casey helped make all the suggestion in the finale that looked like it doomed Carla. I know Carla does have a big fan following, but I thought she was lucky to reach the finale in season 5 and don’t think she’ll go very far here.

Chopping Block

16. Tiffany Derry (Season 7 Washington D.C.)

I actually like Tiffany a lot. She is one of the most level headed Chefs I have seen and she doesn’t let other people distract her. I don’t think she is as talented as the rest of the All-Stars though and see her having an early exit.

17. Anotnia Lofaso (Season 4 Chicago)

I know Antonia Lofaso made the finale of Season 4 and she is inspiring to single moms of the world, which is why she made the All-Stars, I however see her as the least talented of the bunch.

18. Mike Isabella (Season 6 Las Vegas)

If you read the blog, you know the I don’t think Mike is a good chef at all. Do you know what he did in season 6? He won 1 quick fire, and that’s it. The quick fire he won involved Cactus which he had cooked with before, but no one else had. Not that impressive of a win if you ask me. Mike is a very polarizing figure which is why I think they brought him back for the All-Stars. He’s a New Yorker, so I’m sure East Coast people like him, while most everyone else doesn’t. With no Robin to rip on in the confessionals, I don’t see a reason for him to stay.


  1. I can't see Marcel finishing above Elia, Tre, Carla, Stephon, Angelo, or Tiffany. He wasn't that good, and only, seemingly, moved on b/c the show wasn't as popular as it was now and him versus Ilan was the theme of the entire second season. Honestly, those two chefs, in the finally, were the 3rd and maybe 5th best chefs on the show. The one guy got kicked off b/c he was joking around when he wrestled Marcel 1 day before the finale.

    Tre got kicked off on the restaurant wars b/c he was the head chef. Why would anyone want to be the head chef on that particular show, I would throw the quick fire just so I didn't end up the head chef. If not for that he may have won the whole thing. According to the eventual winner, Hung, Tre was his only real competition.

    I don't understand how Carla is below Spike, when Carla advanced to the finals. Was Spike even in the finals? Wasn't it Stephanie, Blais, and Dale? I guess I just disagree with your power rankings.

  2. My Power Rankings would be like this:

    1. Blais
    2. Angelo
    3. Tiffani
    4. Tre
    5. Casey
    6. Elia
    7. Carla
    8. Gay Dale
    9. Stephen
    10. Jamie
    11. Marcel
    12. Jen
    13. Chinese Dale
    14. Tiffany
    15. Antonina
    16. Fabio
    17. Spike
    18. Isabella

    I'm gonna be rooting for Trey. And as of now, I still have not watched it.

  3. Spike was kicked off soon after resteraunt wars and did not make the finale. Spike's year was Blaize, Lisa (the one who always looked pissed off) and Stephanie who won. Carla made the finale of her season

    The reason I have Spike higher is the same reason you think Marcel stayed on in Season 2, cause it's good for ratings. That's just my thought. Who knows. Also, I have only seeen like 3 episodes of season 2 so feel free to rip on my Season 1 and 2 ratings.

  4. I loved Blaise. Also, Ryan, Gay Dale vs. Chinese Dale - f'n hilarious.

    The real question in this thing will be; Who has been working their ass off since their last season? I would not be too surprised to see Lesbian Jamie do well, and I cannot BELIEVE they didn't get Stefan back. What the hell?

  5. I did start up my next round of power rankings, prob by the weekend.

    Agree on the Stefan thing, He'd be my #1 seed right now. Also Red Beard and the Losing Voltaggio where are they?

  6. Oh dude Red Beard should DEFINITELY be in this thing.

  7. My new rankings:

    1. Angelo
    2. Blais
    3. Spike
    4. Tiffani
    5. Marcel
    6. Chinese Dale
    7. Casey
    8. Gay Dale
    9. Isabella
    10. Carla
    11. Tre
    12. Antonia
    13. Stephen
    14. Fabio
    15. Tiffany
    16. Jamie