Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jay Cutler: Pour the Haterade

I keep debating about going into a in depth post about this, but I feel like it has been well covered how the overactive S*** storm over Jay Cutler. Two non-main stream pieces that I thought were very well done can be found


I think the best description of what happened was said by Cris Carter. He said, depending on how you felt about Jay Cutler before the game, is how you felt when you saw him on the sidelines.

Basically what he is saying, if you hated Jay, then you saw him standing on the sidelines as a sign of weakness, but you already felt that way about him

I am a Jay Cutler supporter. Is he what I expected when the Bears signed him 2 springs ago and I stayed up all night celebrating? No, he's not as good as I thought. The doesn't mean I think he's any less of a competitor as any other QB in the league.

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