Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sports Guy Loves a Bull?

After calmly observing Bill Simmons' anti-Chicago bias for the last six to seven years, I pretty much expect everything that comes out of his mouth (err.. computer?) regarding my teams to make me just a little mad. I mean, I like the guy, but c'mon!

Anyway, it appears now that he has fallen in love with Derrick Rose. How can you not, right? Some great tidbits from his Q&A on All-Star Weekend, in which he calls Rose the best point guard in the NBA and the clear favorite for MVP:

• Backstage intrigue: As the story goes, Rose took it personally when Wade didn't return two of his phone calls during the two weeks leading up to The Decision, then immediately shifted into "I'll show those guys a decision!" mode and devoted the rest of his summer to destroying both of them. Even if this sounds like the makings of an Us Weekly cover -- "ROSE TO WADE: YOU'RE A SELFISH BITCH!" -- there were enough rumblings within NBA circles that I believe this one. So yeah, throwing Rose on the same team with LeBryane could be interesting -- maybe not as rocky as Isiah allegedly freezing out MJ in 1985, but still pretty interesting.

Q: Does the East team have too many bad chemistry subplots? Won't that affect how it plays together?

A: Not necessarily. Back in the 1980s, Parish, Bird and McHale (the original Big Three before Perry, Don and Mole) coexisted with Bill Laimbeer even though they probably would have run the Celtics' bus over him under any other circumstances. It's basketball -- these guys have spent their entire lives playing with people they didn't like. Does it look like an episode of "Bad Girls Club" on paper? Sure. You have bad blood with Rose and Wade/LeBron (covered earlier); Rose and Rondo (their rivalry started in the 2009 playoffs and festered over during the 2010 Team USA scrimmages, when it became so icily competitive that Coach K decided he couldn't keep both)

I like this killer instinct stuff! I like it a LOT!

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  1. I agree, Simmons for some reason doesn't like Chicago. Couldn't tell you why. Even the Teams he hates the most Yankees and Lakers, he likes everything else about the cities and even teams.

    Luckily, he loves Derek Rose. Not as much as Durant or, as his article points out, Blake Griffith.

    But come tomorrow I expect to see him picking the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Just like he picked the Seahawks last week, claiming he wanted the points.

    Suprisingly, he was talking up the Bears (an with them chicago) on his Mega-Playoff Podcast.

    Anyways, we know he's going to love BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON. Just gotta get used to it.

    Now I will go read Wilbon