Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Post-Superbowl 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Because I'm ubber excited for the NFL draft already, I am going to post my post-superbowl 1 round mock. I will do more rounds once the combine is over. Before I do it, did anyone else hear that the Bears are looking to trade Greg Olsen again. Last year they almost got a 2nd rounder. I don't know if they'll get anything better than a 3rd Rounder at this point. Anyways, here we go:

1. Carolina Panthers - Nick Fairley DT Auburn

Seems sort of obvious. Since Andrew Luck is not coming out, the Panthers will be focused on defense. Ron Rivera will want to get a dominating DT for his new team.

2. Denver Broncos - Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson

The Broncos couldn't get pressure on the QB last year to save their lives. Da'Quan Bowers solidifies one defensive end position. Elvis Dumervil coming back will help them have an incredible pass rush. I could also see them going with AJ Green.

3. Buffalo Bills - Vonn Miller DE/OLB Texas A&M

I see the Bills placing more emphasis on attacking the line of scrimmage than they do defending the pass. Further, Steve Johnson came into his own this year so I don't think they'll go AJ Green with this pick.

4. Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia

With Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens likely gone this year, I think they will look to please Carson Palmer with the best Wide Receiver in the draft.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Robert Quinn DE UNC

The Cardinals could go QB or CB. However, I think they'll look to add to their defense and add a QB via a trade. I could see them landing Kevin Kolb with their second round pick.

6. Cleveland Browns - Marcell Dareus DE/DT Alabama

They could take Julio Jones but I don't see them reaching for him. Instead, they reach for a solid defensive tackle as they shift to a 4-3 defense. Also, its clear that the run on defensive lineman is early.

7. San Francisco 49ers - Patrick Peterson CB LSU

I know he drops a bit here. I would have him dropping even further if I wasn't convinced that Jim Harbaugh is hoping for a scenario where he can draft Andrew Luck next year. Heck, don't be surprised if they trade this pick for a first rounder next year just so he can land his guy. But a great value at this pick if they do land Patrick Peterson.

8. Tennessee Titans - Cam Newton QB Auburn

I know they just got done with Vince Young. However, Bud Adams (the owner of the Titans) LOVED Young's abilities. The only reason he was let go was likely because he is a head case. Enter Vince Young 2.0... Cam Newton. This pick makes too much sense to me.

9. Dallas Cowboys - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

The Cowboys want more help in their secondary. They could go offensive line but I think Jerry Jones continues his trend and instead focuses on corner.

10. Washington Redskins - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri

If I were a GM I wouldn't draft a QB in this years first round. However, I'm not. I see the Redskins going after a QB early and letting go of Donovan McNabb. Then again, they may wait and draft one in the second or third round and see how Sexy Rexy does.

11. Houston Texans - Brandon Harris CB Miami

I know this is a HUGE reach. But I see the Texans making a huge reach seeing how bad their secondary was last year. They need help here and they know it. That's why I think they reach for what may be a late first early second round talent in the top 15.

12. Minnesota Vikings - Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State

The first tackle off the board goes to the Vikings. They had some protection issues last year and they will probably want to fix them this year since there are no other available QB's worth a first round pick.

13. Detroit Lions - Nate Solder OT Colorado

With the corners off the board the Lions look to keep Matthew Stafford healthy. So, offensive tackle it is.

14. St. Louis Rams - Julio Jones WR Alabama

They want more weapons for Sam Bradford. Julio Jones is a solid pick here.

15. Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram RB Alabama

The Dolphins are going to probably let go of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. What does that mean? They have no starting RB. So why not take one in the first round.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars - Cameron Jordan DE California

A few things seem to happen every draft. The Raiders do something stupid. The Bears draft at least one huge bust in the first three rounds. And the Jaguars use their first round pick to go defensive end. The run on the defensive line slowed a bit, but now it picks back up.

17. New England Patriots - Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB Purdue

The Patriots continue to bolster their defense. The addition of Ryan Kerrigan will help their defense become a very good one.

18. San Diego Chargers - Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri

The Chargers are trying to find someone who can do what Steroid McGee used to be able to do. It's funny to see how far Shawne has fallin' since he's tested postive. Mr. Matthews, your turn is right around the corner.

19. New York Giants - Tyron Smith OT USC

The Giants have some offensive line issues that they could start to take care of here.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cameron Heyward DE/DT Ohio State

The Bucs want to solidify their defensive line and start to get a ton of pressure. They could also go after Akeem Ayers, but he continues to slide down the board.

21. Kansas City Chiefs - Justin Houston DE/OLB Georgia

The Chiefs need to rush the passer better. They could also use another really good defensive player. In my opinion, they also need a wide receiver, but there is no one worth taking here.

22. Indianapolis Colts - Mike Pouncey OG/C Florida

I see him jumping up the board and the Colts had some issues on their interior line. This seems to make too much sense.

23. Philadelphia Eagles - Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA

The Eagles watch as Akeem Ayers drops to them and they select him to help bolster a defense that was much worse than people actually give it credit for being.

24. New Orleans Saints - Adrian Clayborne DE Iowa

The Saints are ecstatic that Adrian Clayborne is still there and select him to help bolster their pass rush. Their offense seems to be just fine, they just need to improve their defense.

25. Seattle Seahawks - Gabe Camrini OT Wisconsin

The Seahawks desperately want to get better on their o-line. Most people think of Camrini as a RT and the Seahawks just drafted their LT last year. So, the improvement continues.

26. Baltimore Ravens - Titus Young WR Boise State

Many people have him moving up the boards quickly after the Senior Bowl. He's being called the next DeSean Jackson. If you ask me, I'd say bust. However, the Ravens need a downfield threat to take the pressure of Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.

27. Atlanta Falcons - Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh

The Falcons are in obvious need of a second receiving threat. Jonathan Baldwin has some character issues, but otherwise has all the tools. He's 6'5" and will help the Falcons offense become something to fear.

28. New England Patriots - JJ Watts DE Wisconsin

The Patriots continue to bolster their defense. They pick the best player available here, and that happens to be JJ Watts.

29. Chicago Bears - Corey Liuget DT Illinois

Corey Liuget is the best 3-technique available. I don't see the Bears keeping Tommie Harris and they could use someone who can penetrate through the middle of that defense to take pressure off of Julius Peppers. Plus, there is no one on the board for the offensive line that matches the quality of the pick that you get with Liuget. If Camrini or Pouncey fell I would love to have them, but I don't think they will. I think Camrini may actually be the best tackle in the draft.

30. New York Jets - Muhammad Wilkerson DE/DT Temple

It's clear that the Jets need more pass rushers. Shaun Ellis is getting old. This pick makes just too much sense to me.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

The Steelers add more CB depth so that they can stop high powered passing attacks, such as the Patriots or the Packers.

32. Green Bay Packers - Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College

The Packers really need help on the o-line still. One year ago they were a lot like the Bears were last year (so they are 1 year ahead in the crappy o-line to good o-line race). The Packers go with the best available tackle, in their opinion, and end up with another tackle who is a bust. See Bryan Bulaga. Enjoy bitches!!!

As for the remaining Bears picks. I see us trading Greg Olsen for a second round pick, and here is how I see our first three rounds going.

1. Corey Liuget - DT Illinois
2. Stefan Wisniewski - G/C Penn State
2. Marcus Cannon - OT/G TCU
3. Ras-I Dowling - CB Virginia


  1. Wow, this kind of puts we me and Fodor do in the spring to shame. I'll add more comments when I fully dive into this

  2. No Ryan Mallet? I agree, I would not waste my first round pick on any of these QBs, especially Cam Newton. I could see Tennessee taking him, but I'm not sold.

    Look at all the D-Lineman on this board. Knowing that there is depth, it almost makes me want the Bears to wait on a D-line choice.

    I agree if they could get Pouncey (assuming he can figure out how to do a shotgun snap) or Baldwin to take them. Two biggest needs for the Bears is a Big WR that Jay can throw the ball up to, and OL. I don't care if they go interior or Tackle, our current line has shown they are flexible enough to make it work wherever.

    Sadly the Patriots have the Raiders pick, I would love to see what stupid thing you would have them do in this Mock Draft.

  3. I meant to make a comment. They already did a stupid thing. They traded a first round pick for that nose tackle who is old. I cannot remember his name. But yeah, I totally called that Darius Heyward-Bey pick. I said he would go top 10 even though he was a late first to mid second round pick and sure enough the Raiders snagged him at 7 b/c he could run a 40 in 4.3. Ryan Mallet is dropping like a rock. Jake Locker is as well.

  4. I love this mock draft, especially because I am not remotely as on top of this shit as I should be at this point in the year!

    Mark Ingram is about the safest first round RB I've seen in a long time. He has Ray Rice 2.0 written all over him. Gabe Carimi, I can't see lasting as long as you have him, but oh man he would be such a good pick for the Bears as a career RT.

    Interesting you mention Ras-I Dowling, as he's a guy I've had my eye on for a while now.

    I doubt AJ Green goes in the top five, but we shall see.

    Nice work my man.

  5. Also JMLS, it's Richard Seymour. And DHB was always going to be a bust. Louis Murphy, on the other hand...

  6. I was surprised to see no QB for Minnesota with their first round pick.

  7. I see Minnesota addressing that need through FA or trading for Kolb.