Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Picks


As per usual, I'm working all Super Bowl Sunday, which means I get to enjoy the game via the dulcet tones of Kevin Harlan, Boomer Esiason, and whoever the hell else they have on the radio broadcast.

This is definitely not a bad thing. See below.

God, I hate these guys.

Anyway, since I typically root for the NFC on the rare occasion that the Bears don't make it to the Big Game, this year presents a difficult challenge, because, well, it's the freakin' Packers.

Let's not drag it out any more, eh? I'm rooting for the Steelers. And in case I had ANY doubts whatsoever, douchebag Rick Reilly conveniently erased them for me last week.

"You root for the Packers in this Super Bowl because Packers fans took a taunt -- "You cheesehead!" -- and turned it into a gouda thing. In 1987, Ralph Bruno, while upholstering his mother's couch in Milwaukee, burned holes into one of the cushions, carved a hole for his head and painted it yellow. Thus, the Cheesehead product line was born.... Do they wear steel beams in Pittsburgh?" - Reilly

You've gotta be kidding me, man. Just to be fair to The Juggernaut, here's a nice mailbag from their other featured columnist, the one with a brain in his head.

Here's what I like about the Pittsburgh Steelers, aside from the fact that they're not the Pack:

Troy Polamalu flying around the field.

THIS GUY (oh, and he can actually play a little DE, too).
Big Ben: Not Guilty, but has grown out of it anyway, and is no longer the cocky asshole that everybody that ever went to Miami of Ohio (and Roger Goodell) told me he was.

Antwaan Randle El - the Indiana connection, baby! Highest rated passer in NFL history. Seriously. Look it up.

Rashard Mendenhall - because I know at least one hilarious incriminating story about him from a U of I student or graduate. And because he's given that stuff up and is now a GREAT running back.

So here are a few picks.

To win: Steelers

ATS: Steelers +3 over Packers

Prop Bets:

Christina Aguilera National Anthem: UNDER 1min 54 sec

First scoring play of the game: Pittsburgh Steelers FG +300

Result of first coaches' challenger: Play Overturned -110

Which will be the highest scoring quarter: 3rd quarter +350

Man oh man, there are so many of these! Let's take a look at some cross bets, eh?

Which game will have the larger winning margin, Magic @ Celtics or Super Bowl? I think I'd probably take Magic @ Celtics here.

You can also get odds on the Dub-fecta of both the Steelers winning and the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup, which is one I'd be interested in if I were an insane Pittsburgher.

And last but not least, "Who will the winner of the Super Bowl MVP thank first?"
Coach 15/2
Family 13/2
God 3/2
Teammates 5/4
Does Not Thank Anyone 15/4 <-- I like those odds. Have fun today everybody, and fast forward those commercials! You can YouTube the good ones later. We'll see y'all in training camp, along with Brett Keisel's Beard. Go Bears. Uh, Steelers. Right.



Pre-game has been going on for 8 hours, the Burgers ready for the grill, Meatballs are cooking and Beer is getting cold. Sadly Fodor cannot make my 8th annual Super Bowl Party

As for the game, this was the easiest choice of who I am rooting for. It's my favorite non Bears team vs the Bears arch rival. No Brainer I'm going for the Steelers. Will I be wearing my Jerome Bettis Jersey that is three sizes too small? You bet I am

As for my expert pick against the line, I will take the Steelers and lay the three. I think Aaron Rodgers has had a couple good games in the playoffs and is now overated. He actually played terrible against the Bears in the NFC title game. There are people who are saying he plays better indoors, then why did he play so bad against the Lions.

I see a close game, but the Steelers end up winning by 10. Also, every time I've picked them to win on this Blog, they have.

Heads or Tails: TAILS! (it never fails)

Will any Steelers do the Rodgers Championship Belt Celebration: YES

Will Jerome Harrison get a Personal Four: Yes

Over/Under 6 seconds on Brave for Christina during the National Anthem: OVER

Over/Under 2.5 Brett Favre references. OVER! WAY WAY OVER!

Will a Kick hit the Scoreboard. No

Will BJ Raji see the field on offense? YES

Over/Under 38.5 for Number of the Player who scores the first TD. I'm taking the Over. I am worried about one of the Steelers fast WR breaking one long, but if I had to pick a player I'm Going Ward



  1. I love the Favre prop bet, I would put my life savings on that one with Buck and Aikman calling the game.

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