Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bears 2011 Schedule

As I am sure some of you are aware, the NFL just announced its 2011 schedule (assuming there is a season). I have pulled up the Bears Schedule and am going to do a quick breakdown Lovie Smith style, breaking the season into quarters

1. Falcons, @Saints, Packers, Panthers

Wow, talk about getting the NFC south out of the way. Three of the first four games are against the NFC south including both home games. This is a bummer as the Bears can’t take advantage of Warm weather teams come up North in the Winter. I am glad the Falcons are coming to Chicago though, the Georgia dome has become a house of horrors for the Bears. I see the Bears beating the Panthers, and winning at least 1 of the other 3. I could see them winning more, but to be conservative

Bears Record 2-2

2. @Lions (MNF), Vikings (SNF), @Bucs (In London), Bye, @ Eagles (MNF)

Interesting stretch here for the Bears with 4 high profile games. The Bucs make their 2nd trip to London to play while for the second straight year the Bears will play internationally (Maybe next year they can play Arizona in Mexico City and keep it going). Luckily, the Bucs are the team that are losing the home game and not the Bears. After the London trip, the Bears have 15 days off with the bye week and then MNF, so hopefully they will be fully over the jetlag. Also, it’s another year the Bears are playing the Eagles in a primetime game, that seems to happen every year. I see the Bears beating the Lions and Vikings, then splitting the Bucs and Eagles.

Bears Record 3-1

3. Lions, Chargers, @Raiders, Chiefs

The Lions then a run of the 4 AFC west teams seems odd to me. Why would the NFL schedule all the AFC games back to back? Even with all 4 teams improving (maybe not the Chiefs) I still see the Bears sweeping this part of the season, at worst dropping 1.

Bears Record 3-1

4. @Broncos, Seahawks, @ Packers (SNF *subject to change), @Vikings

The end of the season is a little rough with 3 of 4 on the road and playing in 3 of the most difficult stadiums. Luckily the Bears don’t have to make the trip to the great Northwest with the Seahawks coming to town. The Broncos game will get more attention if Captain NeckBeard is playing, but most likely the Bears will have to stop Tebowmainia? I have a feeling the Bears will lose 2 of the road games even though they should probably only lose 1.

Bears Record 2-2

Overall Record: 10-6
NFC Central: 2nd Place
NFC Playoffs: 5th Seed

With the 5th seed the Bears will defeat the NFC West Champion Rams and after that, who knows what happens.

If the season happens, it should be a fun one for the Bears. A trip to London and San Diego, I don’t think you can get any further apart?


  1. This looks better than the Tribune writers

  2. I was goanna say, great breakdown dude. I think the Bucs, Chiefs, and Raiders are real wild cards. Every one of those teams showed something last year, is young, and has no reason (well, unless you count Charlie Weis) NOT to be better this year.