Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hawks Puck Mystery

I definitely woke up this morning thinking was swearing at me - the giant headline saying "WHERE IS THE PUCK?" was a bit, well, confusing.

However, after all my confusion, it looks like Outside the Lines has finally ventured outside of the realm of cheesy stories about disabled high school athletes doing meth or whatever and is actually doing something semi-cool, since this story is all about Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup-winning hockey puck and its mysterious disappearance.

In other news, I'm heading to Conseco Fieldhouse tonight to watch the Bulls take on the Pacers in Game 3 of what has been, so far, a highly entertaining series. It'll be strange not being at Yogi's for a game, but hey, it's the NBA! Love it Live, right? I'm thinking the place will be about 70 percent Pacers fans, 30 percent Bulls fans. Looking forward to some serious MVP chants.


  1. I was just about to post the OTL piece. Love you description of what it is about most the time. Can't believe Bob Ley likes that more the sportscenter.

    Enjoy the game, Conseco is a great place to watch Hoops. Go Bulls!

  2. yea I love watching ball at Conseco, it really is a solid arena, especially when they let them sell beer. Stupid Big Ten.