Monday, September 12, 2011

Bill Barnwell Still Hates The Bears


no comments on that. I think we all know Bill Barnwell is staking his claim that the Bears suck and will keep this up until the point the Bears give him a game to prove him right.

On other news, this was a great read I forgot to post a few weeks ago.


  1. He's clearly an idiot. The Bears are lucky because of their fumble recoveries? Really, that is your argument? The Lions are great because they nudged a non-playoff team that is severely overrated? The best part about it all is that the Bears may have recovered 5/5 fumbles (one by Hester who was the only person in position to recover that punt) and are lucky but the Lions recover 5/6 fumbles and are great. What an effin moron.

  2. Yeah, that article pretty severely pissed me off. Clearly Simmons has passed on his anti-bears bias to all Grantland writers.