Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Noffke's NFL Predictions

Following in Ryan's Lead, I will have my NFL predictions.

I personally can't wait for the NFL season to start. I am sick and tired of hearing how bad the Bears are going to be and how lucky they were last year. This reached a peak today with Bill Barnwell said on the BS report he thinks the Bears will be the worst team in the NFL, primarily based on the new kickoff rule (WHAT!?). Anyway, here we go.

z - conference winner; y - bye week; x - division winner w - wildcard team.

AFC East

Z. Patriots
2. J-E-T-S
3. Bills
4. Dolphins

Patriots are as good as advertised. Jets have a good year, but miss the playoffs. Bills and Dolphins are terrible.

AFC South

X. Texans
W. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jags

I know, I know, Texans aren't that good, but who in this division is? Jags are the worst team in the NFL, Titans could be good depending on if CJ doesn't have any problems without a training camp and how well Hasselback plays. Colts make it in, but not the division winner unless Peyton gets healthy quick.

AFC West

X. Chargers
2. Raiders
3. Broncos
4. Chiefs

Chiefs benefited from and easy schedule last year, and will struggle this year. Broncos will be good, but inconsistent again. Raiders will suprise with some stability for Jason Campbell in Offense (first time he's in the same offense 2 years in a row since High School) but the Chargers are the class of the West. It's tough to finish #1 in offense and defense and miss the playoffs, but some how they did it last year.

AFC North

Y. Steelers
W. Browns
3. Ravens
4. Bengals

Steelers will be the Steelers. I believe in Colt McCoy. Ravens will have a good year and the Bengals will struggle with New QB Andy Dalton, but he'll win Rookie of the Year.

NFC East

Y. Eagles
2. Redskins
3. Giants
4. Cowboys

Eagles have a lot of hype, and part of me thinks they could have a terrible year. Saying that, Andy Reid always seems to have his teams making the playoffs. Mike Shanonhan was embarassed last year and will have his team ready to play with Rex Grossman. Giants and Cowboys have solid years.

NFC South

Z. Falcons
W. Bucs
3. Saints
4. Panthers

Falcons get Home field primarily based on them getting to play the Panthers twice. Bucs keep on rising. Saints will be good, but just miss the playoffs.

NFC West

X. Rams
2. Cardinals
3. 49ers
4. Seahawks

Rams schedule is brutal to start, but no one in this division will run away from them. Cardinal's season will depend on Kolb. 49ers will be starting Kapernick by week 8 and the Seahawks are lousy.

NFC North

X. Packers
W. Bears
3. Lions
4. Vikings

Packers only go 9-7 and beat the Bears for the division on a tie breaker. Lions could be good, but everyone will get hurt again. Vikings could be good, but O-Line is a problem.

Playoffs (Home Team in CAPS)



Browns over CHARGERS
Colts over TEXANS


STEELERS over Colts
PATRIOTS over Browns

Title Game


NFC Playoffs


Bears over PACKERS
Bucs over RAMS


Bears over FALCONS
EAGLES over Bucs

Title Game

Bears over EAGLES

Super Bowl

Steelers over Bears

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  1. Man, I think the Vikings have a chance to be really terrible this year, and I wouldn't be too surprised if the Jags weren't half-bad.

    I also think the Bengals could be awful, the Browns could surprise... and who the hell knows in Seattle?