Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MLB Preview and Predictions

Time to fire up the old Laptop and do some MLB predicting based on my extensive baseball knowledge.

Before we get into the predicting, let’s quickly discuss the biggest offseason news. The addition of a 2nd Wild Card team. I am not sure if I am a fan of this or not. I understand it keeps teams competitive longer, and can make for exciting races toward the end. But the MLB Playoffs already drag on so much which causes the games to be played differently than regular season. I think that adding additional games and days off will make this worse.

The story line that is being told over and over again is How the Blue Jays and Orioles now have a chance to make the playoffs since there’s two wild card spots! It’s impossible for the Yankees and Red Sox to take all three spots. First off, I don’t hear the Rays complaining about the old system. Even though they play in the same division as the Blue Jays and Orioles, they’ve still managed to make the playoffs 3 of the past 4 seasons. Secondly, Boston and New York have only both made the playoffs in the same season 1 time in the past 4 years. So just stop this stupid story line now.

As you know this is a very pro White Sox site and I believe we all predicted they would win the World Series last year. As amazing as this sounds, I am predicting the White Sox will have a losing season and finish 4th in the AL central.

There has been a lot of turnover on the south side with the departure of Ozzie, Mark Buehrle taking their talents to south beach, Carlos Quentin heading back to the NL among others. This season will be about whether there is any life left in Adam Dunn & Alex Rios and if the young guys, Viciedo and Flowers can become regulars in the lineup. I think Dunn has a bounce back year, not to his peak numbers but hits around 30 HR and that Viciedo becomes a ROY candidate.

The pitching staff will need Peavy to stay healthy as the White Sox really don’t have another pitcher ready to be an every day starter. Danks and Flloyd should have solid years and it should be interesting to see how Chris Sale works as an every day starter.

White Sox record: 74-88

The rest of the League with some commentary.

AL East: Tampa Bay Rays

Joe Madden just keeps his team going. How they got into the playoffs last year shows they will always keep fighting. Red Sox and Yankees will still have good seasons and will make it to the Wild Card game. I think the Blue Jays will have a good year as well, but ultimately finish somewhere around 500

AL Central: Detroit Tigers

Everyone is picking the Tigers to win the division. As Mike Greenberg said, “Is there a more overwhelming favorite then Detroit to win their division?” Because of this, part of me thinks something wacky might happen and the Twins will somehow find a way to win the Division. Maybe the Royals will be so excited by the All-Star game coming to KC that they’ll play awesome and win the Division. That’s only a half joke, the Royals have a lot of young talent, if that talent plays well and they mature early, they could make some noise this season.

AL West: Rangers

I think this race will be the best in baseball. The Angels made a lot of offseason moves included stealing CJ Wilson from the Rangers. This one will come down to the wire. Also, look for Josh Hamilton to have a monster year in a contract year.

Wild Card Game

Angels over Yankees


Angels over Tigers
Rangers over Rays


Rangers over Angels

MVP: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
Cy Young: Jered Weaver, Angels
ROY: Matt Moore, Rays

NL East: Marlins

There’s too much excitement in Miami for the Marlins not to have a good year. New stadium that everyone is raving about with Fish Tanks, and Nightclubs inside. They brought in a ton of free agents and of course the always colorful Ozzie.

NL Central: Brewers

The BeerMakers did lose Prince Fielder, but return much of their playoff team from last year. I look for Zack Grienke to have a good year.

NL West: Giants

Big Time Timmy Jim and co. should have another good year, but the team’s success will be based of whether they can score any runs. The Diamandbacks have a good year, but only make the wild card. Dodgers are in too much limbo with the ownership situation to compete,

Wild Card Game

Diamondbacks over Phillies


Marlins over Diamondbacks
Giants over Brewers


Marlins over Giants

MVP: Joey Votto, Reds
Cy Young: Tim Lincecum, Giants
ROY: Bryce Harpe, Nationals


World Series Champion…………….Texas Rangers

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  1. Really good stuff. You're certainly right about the White Sox - I think this year will be a classic case of "hey, at least we're better than the Cubs!"

    I think the pitching staff will be fairly good, as long as the young guys can stay healthy we could see several 200+ innings guys, but our gutted farm system (see: sports illustrated farm system rankings a few months back) is going to hold us back until we can swing some more trades. Debating whether I have the patience to play fantasy baseball this year.

    Dunn either bounces back or retires. So I hope he bounces back.