Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Trivia. NBA MVPs

Welcome back to Monday Trivia. As always, the answers will be up in the comments on Thursday.

Since 1990, 4 NBA teams have had 2 different players win the MVP award. Name the 4 teams and the 8 players who won the awards.


  1. LA Lakers - Shaq & Kobe
    Phoenix Suns - Charles Barkley & Steve Nash
    Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan & Derrick Rose
    Orlando Magic - Shaq & Dwight Howard?

  2. Well, it's saturday, but hell:

    MJ and Rose, Shaq and Kobe, Barkley and Nash all seem like obvious correct answers. Howard has never won the MVP, I don't think. Did Nash win with the Mavs, because that would make him and Dirk... but I think his first was with the Suns. Sigh. No clue.

  3. You guys got the 3, suprised you didn't get the 4th.

    Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose
    LA Lakers - Shaq and Kobe
    Phoenix Suns - Barkley and Nash
    San Antonio Spurs - David Robinson and Tim Duncan

    When I first answered this, I thought of 76ers for Iverson and Barkely, then remebered Barkely won in PHX and got that one