Friday, June 15, 2012

Euro 2012 Standings 06/14/12

After an exciting rounds of games yesterday, the leaderboard in the ACSS pool is starting to get tighter.

Italy went to a tie with Croatia which put's Fodor's number 2 pick in a tough situation. Assuming Croatia and Spain tie, Italy has to win by 3 or more goals to move on into the elimination stage. Lucky for them, they are playing Ireland who just let in 4 goals against defensive minded Spain.

Going into the tournament, I was pretty sure Czech Republic was the worst team, I think it's pretty clear that it's Ireland.

Fodor and Tim are tied again and even the tied with the +/- of goals scored. Each of them have now moved within 2 points of Ryan, who's only team, Ireland, lost yesterday. Tim has a slight advantage since he still has one team, England, to play their 2nd game of the tournament. Ryan can expand his lead today with Ukraine going.

I am still in dead last with 0 teams playing yesterday. I still only have 2 ties on my resume and 0 victories. My #1 pick is a dead man walking, Greece isn't that good, and Sweden missed it's best chance by blowing a 1-0 to Ukraine. Basically I have to cheer for France to do well, and who wants that.

Team Rankings Points Back Tie Breaker
Ryan 1
Fodor 2 -2 2
Shark 3 -2 2
Noffke 4 -11 -4

Points +/-
Noffke 2 -4
Netherlands 0 -2
France 1 0
Greece 1 -1
Sweden 0 -1

Shark 11 2
Spain 4 4
England 1 0
Denmark 3 0
Czech Republic 3 -2

Fodor 11 2
Portugal 3 0
Italy 2 0
Croatia 4 2
Poland 2 0

Ryan 13 0
Germany 6 2
Russia 4 3
Ukraine 3 1
Ireland 0 -6

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  1. I'm feeling good about my chances here guys, big Portugal win the other night... now if Croatia can just beat the hell out of Spain and let Italy sneak in to the Elite Eight, I've got a gooooood shot.