Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top Chef (Spoiler Alert 02/18/09 Show)

Top Chef Power Rankings

To start off good show tonight. When they were bringing someone back, I was scared senseless that Leah would make it back, she is terrible and did not deserve to be around. I was happy for Jeffery and felt bad for him since he did cook a top meal, but Karla beat him so he was gone. Emeril was a fantastic guest judge. He made good points, represented the city well, but didn’t try to steal the show. I hope they can get him back next year. BAM!

This is one of the toughest Power Rankings I have done. All the contestants are pretty close. Sad day for Fodor now that his horse is out of the race.

1. Stefan: I know he had a bad week and probably cooked worse then Fabio, but he still has the most talent and this show might be the kick in the rear he needed. He is most likely going to pick Fabio to help him in the final which will be a great choice for him and make a very intimidating European team. Also they get along for the most part so Stefan’s attitude would not impede on obtaining the title If he doesn’t land Fabio he would probably choose his crush, Jamie who is another fantastic chef. As I have said before, he is an excellent cook and can get his message across so his sus chefs should be able to produce what he wants
2. Carla: A fantastic showing by her. I was cheering for Jeffery to win, but from what the judges said I didn’t think anyone could beat her dish tonight. I liked her taking the risk with the non-alcoholic drink, but it worked out for her. She continues to gain steam and if she cooked like she did this show again next week then I think she could bring home the title. I see her trying to pick Jamie or Jeffery to help her out. I think either one could help her go for some dishes she wouldn’t normally try and help her with her creativity.
3. Hosea: Low on the rankings again. I still feel that he has the talent to win the title of Top Chef, but his rivalry with Stefan is in his head. I feel his goal is more to beat Stefan then it is to win Top Chef. Looking at the tease for next week it looks like him and Stefan will be butting heads again this episode which could mess him up. For his sake I hope he gets Jeffery to help him. They are good opposites. Jeffery always trying to do too much, with Hosea having the focus to know what he wants. I hope he doesn’t pick Leah cause she’s just bad.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my power rankings.

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  1. Love the sous chef analysis - it has always been crucial who the people pick to assist and you're right that stefan and fabio will make a good team. Honestly, i expected stefan to be packing his knives, a la Sam not making the S2 finals.