Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tim Lincecum vs. Michael Phelps

This is a case study in celebrity marijuana charge treatment, and the #1 reason why I would rather live in Washington than South Carolina:

Grant Hansen, a Clark County deputy prosecutor, told the newspaper his office is willing to dismiss a misdemeanor charge of possessing 3.3 grams of marijuana.

"We negotiated the case in the manner we do with just about every first-time marijuana-drug paraphernalia case where the individual is cooperative with the officer," Hansen told The Columbian. "We dismissed possession of marijuana and amended the other charge to buying or selling drug paraphernalia, a Class A civil infraction." ( News)

That's right. They treated the famous person like an actual person. Wow. Revolutionary. Instead of, say, shamelessly grabbing for publicity.

The 5'10" Lincecum, by the way, is probably the best young pitcher in baseball despite weighing about half-a-CC Sabathia. Maybe less. And he likes the reefer. Oh, and he was on my fantasy baseball team ("Double Baggers") this year. I think I may be interested in rooting for this kid next year. PS, in retrospect (see picture), this is less surprising than Sammy Sosa and 'roids.

Somewhere out there, Michael Phelps is looking at houses (with swimming pools) in Seattle.

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