Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bear Fans United

Basically, what I am writing about today is a newly formed organization called Bear Fans United. Bear Fans United is asking Bear fans to donate money in order to put up a bill board and take out full page ads in both the Tribune and Sun-Times asking that the McCaskeys fire Lovie, Angelo, and even Phillips. This is a legit organization, and tomorrow's story from David Haugh of the Tribune is going to mention the organization:

"Whatever happens in the next two weeks, the anti-Lovie Smith brigade has mobilized, even if reported Friday night that Smith will return for a seventh season regardless of the final three games. They are raising funds online for billboards and newspaper ads urging the Bears to clean house. They are organizing anti-Lovie protests, like the guy who sat in a lawn chair along 1000 Football Drive for hours last Wednesday holding up a sign that said, "SOS.""

So, I thought I'd just mention this in case anyone was interested. I am unable to donate money as I'm basically broker than a joke. Anywho, the website is: (Notice it says BEAR not BEARS). Donations will go towards bringing in da chin!


  1. Intresting. Does it look like anyone on the Bears even care anymore? I turned the game off when Jay dropped back, looked, saw nothing and threw the Ball 20 yards out of bounce and then jogged off the field. This and all the penalties are signs of bad coaching. Lovie needs to shape up or get shipped out.

  2. ... Lovie needs to get shipped out.

    I'll be making a donation after Christmas.

  3. I already donated to
    I believe is a good cause doesnt matter what the nay sayers are crying about having better things to do with your money..
    Guess what.. I'm american and pay my taxes .. after that nobody tells me what to do with my money.
    Thanks BFU!!