Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chicago Athlete of the Year (Nominees)

Time of the year to do the fun lists like, Chicago athlete of the year, I have a few ideas of who I would put in the rankings, but before I release my pick, I want to hear what you out there think. Please let me know who I am forgetting and why they should be nominated.

Chicago Bears:

Lance Briggs: Took over as leader on Defense, likely only Pro Bowler from starting 22
Robbie Gould: Most accurate kicker in NFL through 13 weeks

Chicago Bulls:

Derrick Rose: 2009 ROY, NBA Rookie record for points in the first round playoff game.
Ben Gordon: Leading scorer on 2009 Bulls.

Chicago White Sox:
Mark Buehrle: Pitched a Perfect Game

Chicago Cubs:
Am Ram: Once he got went down, so did the Cubs

Chicago Blackhawks:
Patrick Kane: Hatrick in 2nd round of playoffs
Toews: Captain of the Western Conference runner up.

Chicago Fire

Jon Busch: Goal Keeper of the Year Runner Up
Cuauhtemoc Blanco: Best player on Semi-finalist team

I am debating about throwing in High School and Colleges (aka Depaul and Northwestern, U of I does not count) If you want to add some of them feel free.


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  1. My finalists as follows:

    Mark Buehrle, White Sox
    Robbie Gould, Bears
    Mike Kafka, Northwestern Wildcats
    Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks