Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bengals' Chris Henry In Fatal Wreck

Chris Henry was in a fatal Car Crash today on his way home from visiting his fiance in Charlotte. That's sad. The guy had a ton of talent but just seemed like he was too troubled to ever get together. I pray for his family and fiance.

On a related side note, and in all respects to the Henry family, you will notice that we here at Arm Chair Superstar have reported his death before ESPN. However, I don't mean to cheapen his death. I hope the Henry family the best in getting through this horrible tragedy.

UPDATE: Apparently, he was in a fight with his fiance and jumped into the bed of her pickup truck as she was driving away from her house. Only to later be thrown out of the truck.

UPDATE: CBS apparently lied to me. And ESPN was right, in this case it was for the better. Henry is currently still alive.

SN UPDATE: Chris Henry was pronouced dead at 6:30 am Thursday Morning after falling out of the back of the pick up truck after a domestic dispute. Chris Henry was 26.


  1. "I'm feeling much better!"

    -Chris Henry

  2. He's not quite dead...

    hoping for the best for a talented guy who had started to turn his life around. Shades of Sean Taylor?

  3. Lol, I love that an anonymous user responded.

    Also, good thing I don't have any rep to protect as a reporter otherwise I would look pretty bad!

  4. Chris Henry Reads Our SITE! and not only that, he found it important enought to post a message on our site while he's in critical condition.

    It looks like ACSS investigative team needs a few new sources