Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Like Bob Huggins!

At least, I always kinda liked Bob Huggins.

Then Rick Reilly got his two cents in. Now I *really* like Bob Huggins.

"I don't like Bob Huggins. Don't like his zero-point-zero graduation rates. Don't like his three-hour practices. Don't like the Vegas sweatsuit top. The artless, sledgehammer style of his teams that sucks all the air out of the gym. Not to mention the joy. Still, Huggins is brutally effective, kind of like a Russian gulag, only with slightly less charm."

Also, ESPN probably realized they needed to balance out their resident holier-than-thou jackass Reilly, so here's a column on the same topic from Andy Katz (minus the sermonizing).


  1. You have to be a WVU fan and a native West Virginian to love this guy. He gets us. He is one of us. He has his team in love with the state - not just WVU - but the state and the people. Gotta love Huggs!

  2. I really like Huggins. He was annoying on the Cinncy teams, but that might have been the players. He comes off sort of rude and short, but you know who else was like that Bobby Kight. I'm cheering for WVU to beat Duke!

  3. I have always been a fan of Huggins. I don't know why but hes definitely doing a great job in WV.

  4. I think Anon makes an excellent point, too, about the team and the fans liking one another. That's a big deal when it happens.

    I have a feeling Huggy Bear's graduation rates will be a lot higher at WVU than they were at Cincy.