Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World Series of Unfortunate Events

So as I prepare to root on the Cubs for another season, I have hopes they will go far into October. I really hope they can at least keep me onboard until the end of Summer. Derrek Lee hurting himself while eating is not a good start. Yes, it involved a chair collapsing but the NL Central should prove more dangerous this season. It got me thinking back to the other recent "freak" injuries that have plagued the organization.

2009- Ryan Dempster breaking his big toe jumping over the railing. It's ok to celebrate victories but this season try walking up the stairs onto the field.

2008- Alfonso Soriano straining his right calf doing his signature "hop." Alfonso I know it supposedly helps you with your timing but just make sure you land right. Also, be careful when celebrating victories in center field after games. Celebrating can be dangerous, just ask your teammate shown above.

2007- Kerry Wood slipping while getting out of the hot tub. If his arm wasn't enough of a problem for the years leading up to this incident, his stomach and chest took a beating this time. It was an early sign of things to come with Mr. Dempster...Don't climb in/out of things if you are a member of the Cubs and it can be avoided.

2004- Sammy Sosa sneezing in the clubhouse forcing him out of the lineup in San Diego. The sneezes caused his back spasms to flare up so much so he had to grab a CHAIR for support. Sosa is long gone, but we're back to an "event" that involved a chair one way or another. Is there any possibility that the same chair caused havoc on Derrek Lee?

History says the Chicago Cubs are cursed by a goat. That might be true, but maybe it has just been a chair causing the heartache all along.


  1. The real reason the Cubs have never won a title is they changed thier jersey the year after they won a championship. Happened to the Rockets, the Rams and more teams that I am forgetting.

  2. aahahahahaha... who can forget Carlos Zambrano getting tendonitis (or was it carpal tunnel?) from "too much internet" ? Fantastic.

  3. That reminds me of Joel Zumaya "I can't pitch today because I played too much guitar hero last night." I'm sure there will be something for cubs fans to face-palm over this year.