Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Bracket aka I Lost a Sweet 16 Team After the First Game Was Finished

With all this commotion I decided to post my bracket. First things first, my final four: Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State, and Purdue. My championship: Kansas vs. Kentucky. My Champion: yes Steve I had to go with old blue, Kentucky. Yes, I understand that both teams wear blue, it wasn't really a nickname, more of a saying. I have Kentucky winning 77-73.

Onto some other picks via Steve's template

Biggest Debate:

I didn't know who to pick. I have a gut feeling that Gonzaga was going to beat Syracuse, yet I just couldn't bring myself to do it. My original final four included Pittsburgh but I just couldn't see it. However, with first round games, I didn't have much trouble picking those games. Unlike Steve, I didn't struggle with the Nova vs. Baylor game. Why not? Because like a moron I got caught on a whim and decided Notre Dame was Sweet 16 material. DUMB. Luckily, I couldn't see Notre Dame advancing past Nova so I have Nova going to the elite eight.

Actually, another big debate I had was the crushing feeling that New Mexico was going to take down Kentucky. But, like I said, I had to go with old blue.

Unlike Steve, I'm not going to make a comment about Duke other than I have them going to the sweet 16 and losing to Purdue.

12 over 5

Unlike Steve, I only have one 12 seed defeating a 5 seed. That 12 seed I have going to the sweet 16. Another sentence for suspense. That 5 seed is: Cornell. Probably wrong, but honestly, I have no hope that I'll ever win a tournament. If you can't win a tournament picking Uconn over Georgia Tech, and being the only person to pick that championship game, you probably won't ever win one.

Big Ten Bias

I too have the Big Ten going 5-5 in the first round with two teams making it to the elite eight and one to the final four. Thanks for pointing out how biased I am Steve. Otherwise I would have never known.

No Guts No Glory

I made the following picks:

Murray State (13) over Vanderbilt (4): Who looks like a genius now!

Cornell (12) to the sweet 16

Clemson (7) over West Virginia (2)

Other Games I wanted to pick but didn't have the balls:

Murray State over Butler

Gonzaga over Syracuse

New Mexico over Kentucky

Honestly, I really like Murray State. If I had Murray State in the Sweet 16 versus Gonzaga I would have picked Murray State (13) to make it all the way to the elite eight. For a team that beat really no one all year (although they did have 30 wins) that would be a ballsy pick. Until then, I'll keep on rooting for you!


  1. I'm down 2 sweet 16 teams after round 1...Georgetown (Thanks Armon!)..and Notre Dame - Apparently Shrek doesn't show up when it counts.

  2. Haven't lost one yet, boys. Back to yogis!!!!

  3. Ryan i like the ballsy picks. One of my friends had Notre Dame in the title game

  4. Looks like I nailed Cornell and Murray State exactly in my actual bracket.