Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saint Mary's: If The Slipper Fits...

Okay, my bracket is cooked. Omar Samhan, Mickey McConnell, and former Hoosier Ben Allen just took out one of my title game picks in Villanova.

Honestly, it wasn't a pick I felt great about anyway. Between the Big East getting beat down in the NIT and losing high seeds like Georgetown in the first round, I was already nervous by the time Robert Morris almost beat 'Nova on Thursday in one of the early games.

Scottie Reynolds, you picked a really bad time to forget how to shoot.

Oh and by the way, Bill Raftery and Verne Lundqvist really have a thing for this St. Mary's team. How many times can we possibly hear about Omer Samhan's mom buying her ticket for Houston, not the first two rounds in Providence? Also, apparently Mickey McConnell is amazing.

Whatever, I'm just bitter over losing one of my Final Four.

I'm 8-for-8 in one regional (the West) and now pretty much dead in another (South), where I had Louisville vs. Villanova in the Elite Eight. I think I'm rooting for St. Mary's now. Did anybody have this upset? Anybody?


  1. I'm seven for eight in the West, thanks to the advice of Armchair Superstar. Lost on Pittsburgh.

  2. Didn't I tell you to pick Xavier? Jordan Crawford is the man!

    Let's not talk about Duke's bracket.