Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steve's Bracket.

So it's Tuesday, that means today is the day I fill out my bracket. I am not going to game by game that I did last year. I will give you the highlights of my bracket

Before the bracket's were selected, in my mind I had decided that Kansas, West Virginia, Ohio State and Georgetown would be in my Final Four. Well, the brackets didn't work out that way, putting Kansas, Ohio State and Georgetown in the same region. So that was a bummer.

My Final Four ended up being Kansas, K-State, 'Nova and West Virgina with Kansas beating West Virginia in the title game. This follows my criteria with having 2 teams from one conference (twice actually) and a return team from last year's Final Four. I really do not like my K-State pick, but didn't like anybody else in the West. If Kansas and K-State meet up in the Final Four that will be for th Fourth time this season. Can Kansas win all 4? I don't know.

Biggest Debate

Who will win, Baylor vs 'Nova?

This is the game I have flip flopped on more times then any other. I have faith that either team will beat Duke in the regional finals and advance to the Final Four so the winner of this game would be my Final Four Team. 'Nova is the better team, but is a terribly streaky team that can play well and play like crap. Baylor will most likely have a home court advantage playing in it's home state of Texas. In the end, I decided to go with the best player on the floor and that would be Scottie Reynolds. On top of that, the expierence the team had from last year's Final Four run should help them win the game.

Weakest Road


Did Duke get a special favor for this tournament or what? They have been practically gift wrapped a Regional Finals berth. They get the play-in game winner followed by Cal (from the underperfomring Pac-10) or Louisville (who underperformed all year). After cruising through the first weekend, they will likely meet Purdue, who, without Robbie Hummel, has forgotten how to score. Texas A&M might provide some challenge in this game if they make, as they will be playing in thier home state of Texas

12 Over 5

Everyone knows that each bracket should always include a 12 seed beating a 5 seed. Well I picked Three 12 seeds beating 5 seeds. The only 5 seed that was safe, Michigan State.

Big Ten Bias

I have the Big Ten going 5-5 in the first round with 3 to the Sweet 16 (Wisconsin, Purdue and Ohio State) and Ohio State to the Elite Eight. Maybe I'm a little biased

No Guts No Glory

I really really wanted to make the following Picks, but e didn't have the intesinal fortitude to pull the trigger.

BYU in the Final Four

I really wanted to pick BYU to make the Final Four (Wall Street Journal actually did). They play good sound fundamental basketball. They take care of the ball while being very efficient on offense and create turnovers on defense. If they can get through K-State in the second round, they will be playing in thier back yard in Salt Lake City for the regigonal final.

Texas over Kentucky

If Texas plays the same way they did at the begining of the year, they are fully capable of beating Kentucky. Sadly, we have not seen this team in 2010.

Home Sweet Home?

I know I have mentioned where the teams are/will be playing numerous times in this article. I read in the tribune the other day, that teams that play close to home have a higher winning percentage then teams that have to travel long distances. So I have been paying more attention to where the games are being played more then I have in years past.

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  1. I really struggled with this bracket, more than in past years. In the end, I took all four seeds down before the Final Four, with Ohio State, Wisconsin, Villanova, and Butler (!!!!) getting to Indianapolis.

    I'll try and get a similar breakdown up here tonight.