Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunday Night Baseball

Recently I have been watching ESPN and quite frankly I believe the Sunday Night Baseball commercials have eclipsed sportscenter commercials. For your convenience I have embeded the best commercials in my opinion. Personally, my favorite is the fielder-kinsler commercial.
Let the voting begin!


  1. I concur with your statement. These are great.

  2. Hard to pick a winner, but probably "The Shift" followed by the Colby Lewis/Prince Fielder and Mauer/Hanley. But they're all good.

    Can we get one with ozzie next?

  3. ohhh, it's Ian Kinsler. My bad.

  4. I had only seen one of these before. I am not sure if I would say top Sportscenter, but they are fantastic.


    1. Shift
    2. Scioscia sending signs to Hunter
    3. Fantasy Trade
    4. Tipping Pitches
    5. Swisher refusing to sing Sweet Caroline

    but agree with everyone says, they are all funny.

    As for Ozzie, there's always "This is SportsCenter"