Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Candidates Emerge To Fill Vinny's (Tiny?) Shoes...

SI's rumor page is reporting...that the Sun-Times is reporting...that the Bulls have three guys in mind for the newly vacant coaching gig. (Keep in mind that these are rumors...)

My ranking of the three:

1) Mo Cheeks - No reason other than "Mo is better" (I went there).

2) Doug Collins - He knows his basketball...not sure his style of play will fit with D-rose, Lebron, Bosh, and Noah next year.

3) Calipari - I would only contact him when I needed a crappy used Chevy...at least NBA players don't need to worry about their GPAs...

Who do you want for the job??


  1. I think Byron Scott would be a decent choice. Avery Johnson I have no interest in because he's a dominating personality. If we could get Nate McMillan away from the Blazers, he'd be awesome.... umm, I am trying to think of college coaches who might be interested in making The Leap and largely drawing a blank.

    It's interesting to note that Phil Jackson is very much in play since he's not sure that this isn't his last year with the Lakers. Plus, Krause is gone.

  2. Mo Cheeks Mo Problems. Actually he's the guy I want. I do not want Calipari, not that he'll come, he just wants more $$$$$$$$$ from Kentucky