Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bears, Hoosiers Will Represent in UFL

Whoever wrote this article was kind of lazy, because they mention Dewayne White and Frank Walker (??) being NFL vets, but if you scroll down, there is at least one name I find much more notable:

With the 42nd pick in the Ultimate Football League draft (that's the ninth round), Las Vegas selected former Bears safety (more recently, he was a 49er) Tony Parrish! No kidding! The Las Vegas Locomotives are coached by none other than former Giant coach Jim Fassel. They won the UFL championship last season, just for the record.

Humorously enough, Parrish was drafted 35th overall, in the second round, by the NFL in 1995. That's seven spots higher than the UFL took him.

The clearly clueless author of that article also mentions Parrish as a safety out of Washington, which is technically true, although he graduated, uh, fifteen years ago.

Indiana's Greg Middleton, who you may remember for his one great season -- he had sixteen sacks and was first-team All Big Ten as a sophomore -- went 52nd to Florida.

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