Wednesday, June 2, 2010

IU Football Recruiting Update

A few weeks backed I mentioned the fast start that "Wild" Bill Lynch was having on the 2011 recruiting trail, and while there have been no more commitments since then, there is a bit of news on the recruiting front today:
IU officially has a 4 star and top 250 in the nation recruit committed - At least according to (One important thing to note is that signing day isn't until next February...and IU has seen their fair share of 4 star recruits burn them in the past...but it is still news-worthy today.)
The only info that I have on the kid (his name is Zach Shaw) is that he is a 6'3" 218 pound OLB from Coshocton, OH. According to his only offers to date are from MAC teams which would make him an "under the radar" type prospect...but the numbers don't lie.

His profile on Rivals lists him with some remarkable stats as a Junior this past season: 228 tackles (228!) and 8 interceptions - he definitely fits the mold of athletic linebackers with incredible ball skills (4.84 40 yard dash, 4.47 short shuttle).

Mark me down as someone who doesn't completely buy into stars and their translation to college success (part of that stems from being an IU fan and convincing myself that there is reason for optomism each year), but this is still a nice development. Seeing this early recruiting success is good for the program.


  1. Nice pickup. We seem to get a lot of linebackers from Ohio - of course, there are a lot of LBs in Ohio, period!

    Did you see that Jerimy Finch left the team/was kicked off? Speaking of HS 'stars' that failed to transition.

  2. Oh yea, I saw that...hopefully this turns out a bit different. The whole Finch saga was insane. Some people just can't get it.

  3. Yeah I don't understand what happened with him. Motivation? He was theoretically grade-eligible the whole time, so i don't think it was that. Maybe he's just an asshole and the coaches hated him?

    It would be very interesting to get the inside scoop on the sad Finch story.

  4. It looks like June is the time rankings pick up big time. ESPN is rolling theirs out and IUs commits look pretty good. 5 3 stars out of 8. Our future at LB looks great!