Friday, June 4, 2010

Da Bears at Da Flags

While working my job at Six Flags Great America I had a unique experience. I was operating the Giant Drop when the VIP tours people came by and said they needed all 12 seat on the next cycle. The guys walked in and I was like, that guy looks really familiar. Then as he sat down I said to myself, "Holy crap that's Devin Hester!" Upon further review, I see the other "better" Devin that being Aromashodu. One guy was super hesitant about riding and asked me how tall the ride was and then ended up chickening out. I tried to tell him it wasn't bad but he said it was OK he would sit out anyway. The gentleman was none other than our star halfback Matt Forte. I have operated rides for other celebrities such as Jordin Sparks and the group Danity Kane, but by far this one ranks at the top of the list for me.

Here is the link for the Six Flags facebook page where they have some pictures posted of the Bears during their day.


  1. Man... I keep watching roller coaster videos on YouTube now. Did you know they're basically all on there?

    Anyway, the Bears beat the crap out of Jordin Sparks and Danity Kane. Love that Forte chickened out.

  2. That's AMAZING! I love how Forte was too scared to go up. Clearly you need to learn how to your job better. Haha, did you listen to Hester talk? Could you make out any of his words?

  3. No he was nearly speaking in a different language. The only word I understood was after he came down and the word was damn.