Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mandel on College Football Expansion

My favorite college football writer, Stewart Mandel, wrote a pretty good piece with lots of excellent links on his thoughts on Expansion.

It seems that this week is the big week for expansion as the Big XII has given and ultamtum to Nebraska and Mizzou about whethere they are in or out and needs an answer by th 15th. The Big XII (mainly Texas actually) needs this answer soon to decide whether the confrence will remain, or if 6 of thier schools will expect an invitation to join the Pac-16.

Mandel goes in much more detail and I recommend everyone read it. He also lists out 16 scenarios (some a lot more realistic then others as he admits) for expansion.


  1. He's a little bit overfocused on the Big Twelve, IMO. I still think Pitt to the Big Ten is very important and should *really* happen, almost above Mizzou... they would be a great fit in every way.

    Virginia to the Big Ten is also something I'd love from an academic and prestige perspective, but I don't know that the ACC is down to be raided.

    Anyway, Iowa State better get ready for some hot C-USA Action.

    Also, Kansas and K-State to the B10 along with Mizzou, Nebraska, and Pitt = $$$$$$ Conference.

  2. I disagree, Pitt does not make that much sense for the confrence