Monday, June 7, 2010

World Cup Pick'em

The 8 people are in and the draft time is Wed at 6 CST right here on the blog.

The 8 people are 7 bloggers and 1 former intern

Colin Newman/O'Shea
Derek Wilson
Dan Noffke
Dave Wier
Mark Fodor
Ryan Parrent
Steve Noffke
Tim Transon

The easiest way to draft would be if we could all hop on a chat (AIM, GMAIL, Facebook etc.) but worst case scenario we can just do it here via the posting/comments. Anybody have any great suggestions?

If anybody has any other general thoughts or questions leave a comment below or try and get a hold of me.


Fodor is all about the repicking while protecting 1 team after the group stage. I am not as thrilled, it should be taken into account while your making your picks. I know none of us are experts but I still have some strategy. What does everyone out there think?

Stakes: 20 to get in with 80 for group round and 80 for the winner. If we want to go higher, again let me know.


  1. once a draft order is determined couldn't we just post in order which teams we want? that makes the most sense to me