Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carlos Boozer > Chris Bosh

Well, tonight is the night. And we still don't know where LeBron is going. Hell, I kind of think that LeBron doesn't know where LeBron is going.

Amidst reports that the Miami scenario is a "done deal," I got to thinking, and here's what I came up with after some film study; Carlos Boozer is better than Chris Bosh.

Let's go to the video, shall we?

God, the Fugees are awesome. I had to search for a few minutes to find a video without some crappy metal in the background. Now let's see some video of Bosh...

Here's my point. Did you see Bosh in that highlight, at all? Wasn't he supposed to be his team's star last year? Maybe his girlfriend should have been heckling him instead of LeBron.

Stats. Boozer averaged 19.7 and over 13 rebounds a game in the playoffs this year. Bosh didn't make the playoffs. You can compare them at Chris averaged a double-double in Toronto on a bad team (24 and 10), but watching video it just seems like he disappears in the post. Definitely not a strong presence.

I think that with Boozer and Noah in the post, Chicago is freaking scary. Add Taj Gibson to the mix and the Bulls are, perhaps, the best rebounding team in the league.

Bill Simmons today notes that Bosh has only played in ONE big game in his entire career as a basketball player. That would be the 2008 Olympics. Let's see...

Yep. Bosh is invisible again. Except when he fails to get over on defense. Then you notice. Like at 5:20. By the way, Simmons also really seems to be warming up to the Bulls, as noted in the Free Agency Summit from last week. I always think of him as a Chicago hater, so this is interesting.

"What should LeBron do? Pick Chicago. That's where the rings are. The fact that he didn't say to Bosh, "Come to Chicago with me, we'll play with Rose and Noah and win six titles together" was the single most disappointing outcome of the summer. That team would have been a true juggernaut with pieces that actually complemented each other, unlike this pickup-basketball situation that's brewing in Miami.

Even with Boozer there in Bosh's place -- and I think he's a great fit for them, with or without LeBron -- it could still translate to multiple titles, because Rose could have been the best second banana since Kobe in 2001. "

Nice. What do y'all think? Here, by the way, is one more of Boozer, just for education. Check out the post defense and fast break skills, and passing.

How lucky is Boozer to have played with Deron Williams, Jay Williams at Duke, and now Derrick Rose? That's one hell of a point guard list. By the way, let's not forget, Boozer won a title in college, and, as Simmons notes, Bosh never even made the Sweet Sixteen.

Yep. I'm happy with Boozer.


  1. I agree. I think a little bit of this is us talking ourselves into Boozer, but I do agree that Bosh is overated. Bosh wanted to be big news this offseason, and he is, but that won't mean he'll be good.

    As Fodor and I discussed yesterday, Boozer is injury prone, but guess who else is, Bosh and Amare.

    Boozer is more a natural 4 compared to the other 2 who are 5's too scared to pay the 5. Sure Boozer's defense is lacking, just like the rest of the 3 big men, but he doesn't have to guard the opponents low post scoring threat, that's what Noah is for. He can come over on help defense and grab some boards.

    I am glad we got someone in this free agency, and I'd take this Bulls +Boozer against any team in the east regaurdless of where James goes.

    Do I think we will be the best team in the East, no, but we can beat any team in the East. Once the playoffs hit, anything can happen. Just ask the '06 Cardinals

  2. Right now, this is a 50 to 55 win team, I think, assuming they add a shooter like Korver. We really can't get Redick now... can you imagine if we start him, Boozer, and Luol? Might as well get freaking coach K too.