Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kobayashi Arrested!

Joey Chestnut defended his title today at the Nathan's hot dog eating challenge, winning with a mere 54 dogs.

Meanwhile, Takeru Kobayashi, who has not signed a contract with Major League Eating, was ARRESTED (?!?!!) after storming the stage following Chestnut's win. Wow. That is effing intense.

Here's a great article on the guys behind the Nathan's competition.

Here's more on Kobayashi getting dragged away by the police.


    They forced his hand.
    modern day extortion

  2. No way! Now that is interesting.

  3. Seriously, it blows my mind that major league eating would try to strongarm its biggest draw.

  4. Joey Chestnut is thier biggest draw. But the competition was rather boring with Chestnut barely trying and having no incentive to go for the record.

    That's crazy that Kobyi got taken to jail.