Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top Chef Power Rankings (07/07/10)

This episodes challenge was crazy intense. A three round elimination tournament with two Chefs being sent home. The last three teams each had a member that was ranked 2, 3, or 4 so a huge upset was coming. Arnold and Lynne were sent packing in a night full of surprises.

Top Shelf

1. Angelo Sosa

Angelo retains his spot on top. He finished in the top of the quickfire and moved on after the lunch round. I thought his breakfast plate was kind of weak, an egg and toasted bread and that's it? Come on. Atleast he advance on that meal. His rivalry with Kenny looks to be heating up next week.

Best of the Rest

2. Kelly Liken

It was a tough call where to put Kelly. She had to cook until the final round, but somehow won the competition (I don't know how that worked). So that is the reason she didn't make the top shelf category. She now has two elimination challenge wins which is leading the competition. If she has another strong show she will reach top shelf level and could potentialy dethrown Angelo

3. Kenny Gilbert

HOW CAN KENNY BE THIS HIGH! He has now been on the chopping block twice, he has only been in the top of an elimination challenge once! Two reasons. 1. He's been on the top of every quickfire including 1 win. 2. His rivalry with Angelo is going to keep him around for a long time. Also, both of his bottom finishes were group challenges. I don't know what that really means. Just something to think about. Lastly, who do think should jump in front of him?

4. Amanda Baumgarten

Amanda was part of the team that moved on after the breakfast round. She helped cellar dweller Stephen avoid another bottom finish. This strong performance follows a top four finish last week. I think she's too scatter brained to do well, but her past two performances disagree.

5. Tiffany Derry

I was actually tempted to move Tiffany to four, but she did exactly what Amanda did, move on after the breakfast round and helped cellar dweller Tim avoid another bottom finish. I couldn't justify having her jump Amanda based on that. I was very impressed from her performance and continue to expect good things from her.

Middle of the Pack

6. Alex Reznik

Alex stays at 6 for the second straight week. Him and Ed did not work well as a team, but still were able to move on after the lunch service. Their breakfast took too long to plate and they missed a couple of pieces. Alex blamed Ed for the screw up, and Ed blamed Alex. They were able to recover but I don't see these two getting along much going forward.

7. Ed Cotton

See Alex's Comments

8. Andrea Curto

Again, I don't know how to judge this past episodes performance. She had to cook all the way until dinner service, but did end up with the elimination challenge win. Because she had to cook until dinner, I couldn't justify jumping her over Alex and Ed. She did cook better last night, but I still don't see her lasting long in the competition.

9. Tamesha Warren

I was tempted to have Tamesha be a big mover after her quickfire win and her solid elimination challenge performance. I however kept her down here because I don't think she's had as strong as of an overall competition as the three above her. I think she is poised for a move and may be making her way toward the top, but isn't quite ready yet.

10. Kevin Sbraga

Back to back bottom finishes is a way to drop fast. This is exactly what happened to Kevin. Kevin once again seemed please with all his dishes, but the judges, once again, didn't agree. If he can't make food the judges like, then he won't last long. He did complain about Kenny putting in the horseradish, but all the judges agreed, more horseradish was needed and would have made the dish more complete.

Chopping Block

10. Timothy Dean

Tim has no confidence left, which is not a good thing in the competition. Yes he moved on after only the breakfast round, but he was nothing more then a glorified assistant to Tiffany. The crab cakes did look delicious, but I don't think he was doing anymore then hanging on for the ride.

11. Stephen Hopcraft

Maybe it was because we saw so little of Stephen yesterday that I kept him down here, but he didn't do anything that justified him moving out of this spot. Yes he was on one of the two teams to move on after breakfast, but I think like Tim, he was riding the coattails of his partner. I still think he is the best bet to be sent home packing next week.

One last thought. I am not sure if it's still early in the season or if this season is a little more up in the air, but it seems there is a lot of jumping around in the power rankings. Last season we knew who the top 4 were pretty early on and everyone stayed pretty similar. This season seems like there is a lot more movement.


  1. I don't get how Tamesha doesn't move above Alex as she has at least displayed more of an ability to win than Alex has.

  2. I think you've got Alex way too high. I haven't seen anything impressive out of him at all.

    Amanda's my favorite. Probably because she's a former criminal. And she's cute. Yeah... that's probably it. But last season we were spoiled with a killer Top Four which made it great - all four of those guys (and a girl) would pwn Angelo. Overall I'm not into this season as much as I was last year but it's still quality entertainment.

    I think Hopcraft may be around longer than expected, too.

  3. What has Tamesha done? She won one quickfire (with two winners), has never been in the top and never gets mentioned. She was partnered with #1 this week who clearly was controlling the dishes (for better or worse). She was also on a team that was picked in the bottom two even if the judges didn't think it was her fault.

    Alex and the top 4 of an elimination challenge and has never finished in the bottom or a bottom team. Season stats has him over Tamesha.

    I'm not saying I think Alex is going to win, but he's done better then Tamesha. You could talk to me about Andrea being higher then him, but I addressed that in the discussion of her.

    O, and suprise suprise Fodor likes the girl with STDs. The only reason she will stay along is the show needs T&A. I don't think she's that good.

  4. LOL you mean the herp? I think I saw that too last episode...

    Whatever, she seems a lot cooler than Leah two years ago, the last "token cute girl." And a better cook.

  5. So I was reading Power Rankings from last season just to see if it was so up and down. Two things I noticed in the comments

    1. Ryan and Fodor used to do quick power rankings of thier own

    2. In one of those power rankings Ryan "Most inappropriate writer winner" Parrent gave Robin the following nickname. "I'm sorry that the cancer didn't actually kill you" bitch.

    I couldn't stop laughing at that one for about 5 minutes

  6. Lol I sort of remember that. It's more funny in retrospect. Also, unlike Alex, Tamesha has had winners. And isn't this a power ranking, i.e. what have you been doing lately? Tamesha's current round, whether you think she played the major role in it or not, was pretty damn good. I don't think you can base power rankings solely off of season standings. Obviously that has to come into play, but so does someone who is on a streak.

  7. HAHAHAHAH the cancer comment... yes.

    I'm getting on hulu and watching this episode now. If it's there. yes. it is. winner.