Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does Indiana Need a Mascot

As college football nears us again, I wanted to take up the cause again that Indiana needs a Mascot. I know most people hate mascots and relative new comers to the Chicago scene SouthPaw (White Sox) and Tommy Hawk (BlackHawks) have not been welcomed with that much enthusiasm. That’s the pros though. College is way different and Mascots are cool. FSU’s Chief Osceola rides into the stadium an plants a flaming spear into ground. Not to be out down, Southern Cal has Tommy Trojan in full war gear who rides around the stadium on Traveler (who ironically doesn’t go on road games) and plants his sword into the ground before every game. Colorado is led onto the field but a friggin Buffalo for crying out loud, how awesome is that.

Now I know what you’re thinking. The reason Indiana doesn’t have a mascot is because what the heck is a Hoosier? It’s a person from Indiana. Great, so our mascot will basically be Herbie the Husker. While this might be true, let’s look around the College landscape some more. The Alabama Crimson Tide have and Elephant, Alabama’s biggest rival Auburn has a War Eagle to go along with its Tiger. Another SEC team the Tennessee Volunteers have a Coon Hound. Even the Navy Midshipmen have a goat. So clearly there is precedent for Indiana to have a mascot that has nothing to do with anything. Here are my top three choices for IU’s new mascot.

Indiana Jones (Dr Henry Jones Jr, not the dog)

I know what you’re thinking, That is the stupidest suggestion you have ever heard. However, admit it, you laughed when you read it. Also, think of the possibilities with having Indy as the mascot, no more boring halftime shows at assembly hall. Instead we could have Indiana performing various stunts from his various movies.

Plus, you cannot tell me you would look away if you saw Indiana Jones with a basketball running towards a trampoline underneath the basket? His name works perfectly with the school, and he’s a professor. Why wouldn’t a school want to have a professor as a mascot. Academics first right? The biggest setback would obviously be copyright infringement, but I am sure the David Anspaugh can talk to Steven Spielberg and work something out.

Fear the Deer

My number Two entry is a Buck. I think this is a logical choice given the environment around Indiana University. The area is very woodsy and home to many Bucks and Deer. I also cannot think of another school that has a Buck or a Deer as a mascot. In fact the only team I can think of that has a buck as a mascot is the Milwaukee Bucks who’s mascot, Bango, is awesome.

With this you could have the basically the same mascot as the Bucks, but dress him in IU gear as well as have a live Buck on the sideline. I am talking about a big 12 pointer Buck. Yes we’d have to make sure none of the local hunters tried to shoot him and mount them on the wall, but other than that I don’t see the down side. Plus we could use the always fun, “Fear the Deer” phrase. A good name for him would be Bucky, just to piss of Wisconsin.

IU Gorilla

The Gorilla is already the unofficial mascot so this is a solid choice. I would not want this guy, but someone who is part of the band/cheer squad to take over the duties. I know a Gorilla has nothing to do with Indiana or the area around Indiana like me previous two choices, but like the mascots listed in the intro, what does a Gorilla have to do with Phoenix or the Suns

The University could even team up with the Indianapolis Zoo and keep a group of Silverback Gorillas in a habitat somewhere between Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall similar to Mike the Tiger at LSU. As for naming the Gorilla, I am open to suggestions, but right now I am sticking with just calling him the IU Gorilla.


  1. Oh man. All three of these could be winners. For real. I still think the Gorilla is fantastic, but a dude in full Indiana Jones gear dunking? yessss... And the prospect of a 12-point buck in the middle of a stadium in Indiana, untouchable? That's just cruel to so many hunters out there.

  2. Really, just 1 comment, no one else has any thoughts?

  3. Yes, Indiana Hoosiers should have a mascot!