Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yahoo! Fantasy on the Bears

If you play fantasy football (and hey, who am I kidding, nine out of the ten of us who read this thing do), then you probably are familiar with Yahoo's Juggernaut Index, written by Andy Behrens. If not, you can find all the entries here at Roto Arcade.

Behrens ranks every team in the NFL for the coming season, not by hopes for a good year in the wins column, but by how useful their players will be on your fantasy squad.
The countdown has now reached No. 20, the Chicago Bears. Much of the analysis is based on the new Martz system and how well the Bears' personnel can handle it - one stat I thought was interesting is that in every year with Martz as the OC, his teams have given up a lot of sacks, and thrown a lot of INTs. More details are over at Yahoo.

One Bear who Behrens trashes is Matt Forte:

"Forte was of course a fantasy star in his rookie season, thanks largely to the 379 total touches, but as an actual NFL talent he appears to be just another guy. He still hasn't averaged 4.0 YPC over a full season, and it may not happen this year. He certainly looks like a runner who needs an outstanding O-line and an old school lead-blocking fullback; in Chicago's offense, he'll have neither."

But he does wrap up by noting that, "This was the most difficult JI of all," so maybe there's still hope. Personally I'm looking at drafting at least one of the Bears' WRs, whichever one falls to a convenient position to be my third or fourth option.


  1. I honestly can't say I disagree with the rankings. We know Cutler is a good QB, but he isn't in the top Tier Fantasywise (Manning, Brady, Romo, Rodgers). I think he is a good value pick a couple of rounds into the draft.

    Having two RB's is never a good thing for fantasy owners, and that's what the Bears have. Forte and Taylor will share the load and share the fantasy points

    WR's are what they are. I think they will be better then most think and shouls thrive in Martz system. Saying that, Devin Hester is the only household name, and he's not a very good WR.

    TE's are worthless in Martz system so don't draft Olsen, even though I want to

  2. I just did a couple of ESPN mocks, and Forte was the first guy drafted, generally around the 5th-6th round. Cutler, Knox, Aromashadu, Hester, Olsen all late round picks, as is Chester Taylor.