Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rick Reilly Does It Again

I used to actually like Rick Reilly's work, but now he seems to have gotten lazy with his writing. He should stick to his short pieces for the four golf majors and then take the rest of the year off.

I this week's column, Rick Reilly makes up a word, Complisults. What is that you ask, well let's look at Rick's definition.

"A 'complisult' is half-compliment, half-insult. It's not until you're driving home in your Prius that a complisult slaps you across the cheek."

Or as the rest of the world calls it, a backhanded compliment.

Rick then goes on to write a column offering backhanded compliments for each team, yet, he doesn't know enough about each team to come up with good ones. I found two amusing and that's about it. Guess the two, Colts and Pats. What a surprise, two teams that get a lot of media attenion. Some of his backhanded compliments are just generic and could be used for any team. Way to do research for a lame column.

Not to be a homer, but I don't get his backhanded compliment about the Bears at all.

To a Bears fan: "Dude, when you talk about a team that's history, you're talking the Chicago Bears."

Where's the compliment in there? Isn't that just a straight up insult? Closest thing I can think of is he's trying to say the Bears are a historic team, not just a team that is already done for the year.

I actually like good Bears jokes, my two favorites.

Q: How do you keep Bears out of your back yard?
A: Put up Goal Posts

Q: Why did it take the Bears so long to get a website?
A: Cause they can't get three W's in a row.

Don't worry though, the Bears aren't the only one who don't make sense, there are plenty of other ones.


  1. I don't understand how the Jaguars could be interpreted as anything but an insult. In fact, most of these don't have any compliment, their all insult. How can you have a "complisult" without the compliment?

  2. Complislut= complicated slut. That is all.