Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Chef Thoughts

Congrats to Kevin on Winning Top Chef Washington D.C. I know I had him ranked low, and then “could go either way,” but he said so himself, he was up and down. He found his rhythm when it mattered most and won.

Now I have two purposes for this post.

1. Discuss Top Chef All-Stars
2. Discuss Next Top Chef Filming Locations

Top Chef All-Stars

We all knew it was only a matter of time before they did a full all out All-Star competition, not just a special show. The show is already done filming in New York and will start airing December 1st. I have not heard the line-up, so if it’s been announced, this post is kind of pointless but I am going to guess who are 18 contestant who are going to participate on the show. My only criteria is winner’s are not allowed back.

Season 1: San Francisco

Tiffani Faison
Lee Anne Wong

Season 2: Los Angeles

Michael Midgley
Marcel Vineron

Season 3: Miami

Dale Levitski
Casey Thompson
Howie Kleinberg

Season 4: Chicago

Richard Blais
Spike Mendelshon
Andrew “Tweak” D’Ambrosi

Season 5: New York

Stefan Richter
Fabio Viviani
Carla Hall

Season 6: Las Vegas

Bryan Voltaggio
Kevin “Red Beard” Gillespie

Season 7: Washington DC

Kenny Gilbert
Ed Cotton
Angelo Sosa

This was actually harder than I expected. 18 leaves 2-3 chefs per season and some season defiantly warnted more. Some choices like Marcel, Blais, and Fabio were easy, but finding the last one to cut, Lisa Fernades, cut was hard.

2. Next Top Chef Filming Locations

These are my guesses at filming (in reverse order) of where the next regular season of Top Chef will take place.

4. Hawai’i

Hawai’i would offer a bunch of unique challenges included a luau, seafood and tropical themes.

3. Seattle Washington

Seattle has the world famous fish market, Coffee, Boeing (think airline food) which could produce some good challenges

2. Austin Texas

Really, this is just Top Chef Texas. You could pick Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio or any other numbers of cities. I went with Austin because it is known for having a ton of small but excellent resteraunts. Steak, Rodeo’s and all things Texas will be Featured

1. Atlanta Georgia

The ATL has been represented by a lot of different Chefs. This can feature all the good things when thinking Southern food, spicy, bbq, and deliciousness.


  1. Was Michael Midgley the guy who had a wisdom tooth yanked out in the middle of season 2? If so, I don't think so. In fact, I don't think anyone from season 2, other than Marcel should be on there who isn't named Sam or Elia(is that how you pronounce her name?). Also, I'd like to see Trey back.

  2. Why the hate on Mikey, Ryan??? He was badass!


    Looks like you got at least nine...