Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFC Championship: Armageddon

This will be the first time the Bears and Packers have met in the postseason since 1941 (according to ESPN).

Good game today - could have been a little bit better if Tillman had come down with the late interception, but I'll take a comfortable win like this any day.

Much more to come later from your fabulous Armchair Superstar Writing Staff, which has to go to work now.

I don't much care who wins tonight. Since Chicago beat the Jets and got stomped by New England, it's kind of a mixed bag - on the one hand, a rematch and chance for revenge (a la the Giants a few years ago vs. the Pats), and on the other, an easier potential matchup. Whatever, one week at a time, let's get ready for the Pack, shall we?


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