Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Biggest Draft Sleeper

There are a couple guys I like in the draft, but one guy I thought was great when I saw him play, even though it was one of his few plays: Mario Fannin. The guy is huge, fast, and in my opinion has first round talent. He weighs 231 pounds, ran a 4.37 40 yard dash, and has a good vertical at 37". Maybe I'm just getting lost in his work outs, but I am really impressed by this young man, and I believe you ALWAYS draft the best player available, especially in the later rounds. His potential is out of this world. So, if he is there in the 5th round (or even the 4th) I'd be ecstatic if the Bears took him.


  1. Auburn. I can't believe I forgot to include that. He was the third string running back there. He has fumbling issues. But with Forte, Taylor, and potentially Unga, the Bears may be able to take their time with him and develop him into a not-so-fumble prone RB. Great High Risk/High Reward Late round pickl